Thursday, 26 April 2012

hand flare

Well today is a short blog, im in another flare up mainly in my hands and feet. I'm sleeping a lot in a lot of pain but things will get better i'm sure. Looking forward to getting stuff for my home saturday with my cousin its all coming together slowly :)anyway wanted to show you my hand during a flare ..
As you can see my knuckles are very swollen and painful. blog soon xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Feeling trapped

So ive been thinking about stuff these days few days due to talking to several people with in my team and it just cries out how trapped i feel. Pre-rheumatoid i was different i could go to football matches, i could go shopping, i could go on days out on holiday even at the drop of a hat i did what i wanted when i wanted i was maybe you could a sper of the moment kind of girl.

Now my life is so different i just dont know when im next going to have some fun, i try to think positive but deep down i feel so trapped in this small town were transport is shocking i can not even use the train station because u have to go over a bridge! The buses are just irregular and not great for the wheelchair anyway. I can not go/do anything on my own and it winds me up i have needs to do things like any one else, i want to go and cheer on my football team, i want to walk around the shopping centre for hours just because i'm a girl! I want to wake up and think you know what i'll take a trip to the seaside today because its a nice day no i can not do any of that instead i have to sit in these dam four walls and if im not in these four walls im sat in a stupid wheelchair unable to go/see what i want to do being "taken" by some one else .. what life is that? it truely is so fustrating.


Saturday, 7 April 2012


So this post is about my hands ..

Before i got rheumatoid i had normal hands over the past 4 years they have deteriated because of the way in which the condition works attacking my joints. Unfortunatly i never thought of taking pictures throught the past 4 years but i have some pictures now which i'd like to show you.

This is a picture of my hands 12 months ago as you can see there is damage and this is my hands not in a flare, they have got progressivly worse. and the second picture stuck in a fist is my right hand.

Sorry for the pictures being out of place, im still getting use to were they go when i upload them on to my blog so please bear with me it will get better


my knee

Ok so this post is simple about my knee and showing you what happens during a flare, as you can clearly see it becomes enlarges and painful. What you can not see is the heat that comes off the joint, you can feel the heat through the clothes you are wearing.


ra joints

One of my friends Tim has posted this on facebook and i asked him if it was possible to post it on my blog.

As you can see the left hand is a normal joint like everyone else's, the second joint is that of a person with osteoarthritis. Finally you reach the right hand picture which is rheumatoid joints as you can see they are swollen and there is bone damage.

I hope that you find this picture interesting x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Travel bug

So i was overwelmed to find out that British airways can take electric wheelchairs on there flights as well as manual ones in fact you can take two for no extra cost! Now i have a major travel bug, which no one seems to understand why or how! But this news excited me so very much and knowing my max flight time ive set myself up for research and the place i can go to and with the electric wheelchair maybe even by myself a lone traveler imagine. It feels like the world has been opened back up to me :D



So things have started to take shape it feels like such a relief finally its getting done!

Thursday just gone i had a few things done the first is more cosmetic but highly exciting finally the red lights in my house have gone they are no more, i didnt like them much and now they are gone from my wall, very happy sight!

The second after having concreat ramps in place at the end of last year so i had no steps this was not satisfactory because of the fact of a lip on the door frame so on thursday i finally had a ramp put in place and i took my first steps outside my front door as an independant person alone IT WAS FANTASTIC i only went a little way i actually nearly cried! I finally feel as if things are improving ill be wipping round the place soon enough alone lol :)


Thursday, 5 April 2012


I was very excited this time last week as i knew i was going to manchester tomorrow! It was a long drive up but a good one over all apart from nearly ending up in liverpool, but we wont mention that! I wore some black combats i hadnt worn in a while felt good! We eventually got up a lovely man carried our bags or im sure my suitcase would have caught the wheels on the wheelchair! The staff at the hotel were really good.

The room its self was really wheelchair friendly with a walk in wardrobe that i could get into as well in my wheelchair but the best thing was the 2 bathrooms in 1 hotel room one was totally wheelchair friendly the other a normal bathroom for my cousin i thought it was fantastic!

My cousin helped do my hair which was great i finally had straight hair again it was so lovely! Then i got read i wore my new pink jeans i felt really modern and groovy! I wear a certain named jeans because of the cut which is loose around the knee and the ankle i love them.

The taxi was great had wheelchair access a ramp so easy to get in and out of the taxi fantastic service and a friendly guy.

Upon arriving at the MEN we had to go up in a lift which was fine got into the men and found our seats again fantastic seats i crnt moan!

Overall the people of manchester were so helpful with doors etc was nice! Great time had by both of us.