Monday, 22 April 2013

Male friendships!

This past few months have been testing for me rheumatoid has been bad and I've struggled along had bad news regarding my health but I kept on fighting through mainly from my own spirit but also because of my male mates, my female friends u know I love you all! But the lads just I dunno humour me with sport lol. I don't know where to really start but some times you sit back and go wow look at my mates my rocks my ears my football sanity! They support many teams even villa and man city haha!! Southampton man united WBA Birmingham but they all have a cheeky convo and I have to admit many say I'm the only man united fan they can tolerate haha you know who you are (yes reading and Southampton fans!!) I could sit here and name you all and tell you how fantastic you are but to be honest Im abit lazy today I, dreaming of title number 20 and helping villa get I'm trouble .. I mean hoping a fella midlands club can get out of trouble HAHAHA who am I kidding!! You guys have kept me going through some times if it be a laugh a joke sharing sweets or just telling me it's going to be ok. Or even volunteering to run 10k (hehe) you have made the last few months bearable, you are my best friends my rocks my energy. .... Added this bit Big love to you guys cuz u know its vicky!!!! Xxx