Friday, 14 June 2013

Update from me!

Hello Well since i last blogged ive been on my holiday to fueterventura whuch was fantastic lovely sun and eat well! Up on my return from the Cannaries i've seen my consultant and had some Amazing news i have only got TWO active joints and two tendor joints which means that my rheumatoid is reacting well to my battle with RA. My consultant was really pleased and decided that we could start physio and we have decided to restart on methrotrexate which as i explained before is a type of chemotheropy drug so thats nerve wracking but some thing that i will face again. I am off to France next week to see my friend and fellow rheumatoid suffer so thats exciting. I am hoping i get some warm weather in france to top up my joints good mood lol! Here's to a hopefuly pain free summer 2013!!!!!