Thursday, 5 June 2014

Update and mays adventures!

So I haven't update for a while so I thought I'd do a little whistle stop update from me! After all it's good to talk sometimes!

So since I last blogged I've been seeing my gp regular who's helping me finally see that light at the end of the tunnel there's a long way Togo but I'm definitely seeing the light it's getting brighter!!

My eating has improved!! I went to a restaurant recently and had rare beef (yup you read that right!!!) and then I went for pizza with my brother to! I know it's not that big but for me it's a real big thing because of my eating issues so I'm really pleased with that!!

I started seeing a councilor to help with the loss of my mum and I think it's helping to be able to talk things through. I know some don't like the idea but for me it works well and it's helping me get back on track.

I also started seeing a hypnotherapist and this is really helping me see things better and helping me to start thinking less negatively again which is quite a feeling!!

So other than that ..

I went to London at the start of may with my cousin we had an absolutely fantastic time, we went to the royal Albert hell for the first time and it was fantastic. We had a good chat and lots of laughter and joking! And some fun with the wheelchair and luggage lol!!

Then I went to Manchester the following weekend to meet up with my friend and see mcbusted who were amazing and we had a few drinks in the Lowry after! I've never sang so much lol! We also got breakfast which is unusual for me but then I had drink a rather huge glass of wine haha!!! (It was more like a bucket!!!)

Then I went back to Manchester 2 weeks later for a fun filled bank holiday weekend.  I met up with my friend mark and we didn't go to football this time, (many regular bloggers may know he's my football buddy!!) we went and got a light snack well I did (who'd have thought is be the one eating!!) then checked in and I had a cheeky lye down!! So when Duncan showed up I wasn't ready ops! I got ready with his guidance as it was raining and of course I wanted comfort! We went to spoons and met up with Eric and some of Duncan's others friends and the court yard then headed to the venue to see some brilliant bands, chameleons my first time live what a great band! Wedding present and neds atomic dustbin who were also good! Then the walk or roll back to the hotel! Sunday was exciting as we had planned Togo to rio Ferdinand's restaurant rosso's the service was fantastic and the food was lovely! We then went for a quick change if clothing and off to coronation street tour! It was a really good day. Monday came and I was all emotional because I was leaving Manchester and saying goodbye to my friend and something felt different don't know what but something had changed.

So now we are in June and I'm off back to Manchester for soccer aid with my cousin and I am so excited to take her to her first ever football match and of course to the theatre of dreams, old Trafford!!

I'm going to start updating this more as things are moving quickly with me now. I really hope you enjoy my posts and thank you to my readers who have stayed on this journey since 2011 it's been tough writing at times, we've shares some good and bad times through this blog, I hope there will be many more good and positive times ahead.

Thank you finally to all my friends for sticking by me and of course my family for always being there xxx