Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Re-feeding and me

So unfortunately I'm battling a really tough eating problem, my dr is confident I can beat this and so am I with the right support. But right now is really tough because reintroducing food is dangerous as my body isn't use to it so can make me ill and if you add anxiety and panic around food, it's a really shit time for me right.

I just want to feel better again


Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mother's Day

So tomorrow is Mother's Day 2016

Every Mother's Day is hard since my mum died in August 2008. This year feels harder because I miss her so much and nans death is still so raw. My mum never wanted anything large all she wanted was a hug. Of course we, me and my brother always spoilt her, cards, teddys, Jewlery, chocolates and I'm sure other stuff too.

My mum wasn't one for materialistic things, she just loved and wanted her family around her. You see my mum wasn't well I never knew though, she's was a wonderful person.

To my mum,

I loved you ever minute you was here and missed you every minute you was away. We was mother and daughter we was so similar in the way we looked, I never realised until you was gone. You made me who I am, you wanted me to have fun but I insisted on having my head in a book ud say go have fun! I am having fun now mum, I go football, dancing too but don't worry I don't sing well apart from football but that's ok, no one can hear me! I've experienced so much since u died and I so wish ud been able to see the holidays, the days out. Most of all I wish u was here to give me the biggest hug, to help me get through this horrible disease, I know it be easier with you. 

I love you mum

If your mum is still here, give her a call and or a hug spoil her on Mother's Day. Mums are very special to us all.