Monday, 21 May 2012

Social media brining rheumatoid suffer's together

When i was diagnosed just under four years ago, i felt very a lone and that no one understood what it was like to be me. Now 4 years later my friends and family have become more supportive but they will never fully understand. I needed to speak to people who really understood what it felt like to live with this condition. The modern world lead me to Facebook and Twitter which subsequently lead me to meeting some amazing friends who really do understand and the great thing is they are from across the world and although our medication and treatment is different the symptoms and pain is the same and we get comfort from each other. The great thing is with insomnia one of the many things we go through there is always some one on line to talk to about your concerns or pain. We celebrate achievements together and are there for each other when things are bad. Social media also helps to get out messages out about what rheumatoid actually is i think it's fantastic and one good thing to come out of social media. V xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Good evening all, Today i drove my car for the first time since the end of last year due to flares. I have to be honest it felt amazing to be back behind the wheel again, my brother was in the car stressing out as i was driving lol! It was a little weird to be behind the wheel again my hands did hurt a little bit but i think thats because i havn't done so for a while. Now its been a few hours since i drove and i have not gone into a major flare up so i feel really happy and relieved. hugs xx