Monday, 8 February 2016

Night time routine

Now you see since 2012 my lovely cousin has been coming in to me each night, todo bits I need doing that I find difficult, or crnt do like my night time gel! Anyway long story short, Carolyn had to stop coming in, which made me sad, as I loved seeing her and hearing about both her and the girls life now I wouldn't have that interaction! 

Carolyn introduced me to Stella who in turn introduced me to Justine. I was a little apprehensive when I first met them not because of them but because it was change and I don't cope well with change plus I was going to miss my cousinly chat!

So they started coming in and tbh I was fine after a few days, although missing Carolyn, but hey I had seen her every day since 2012 and suddenly it changed, u know a girl with adjustment disorder this was shocking for my brain!

We had a rocky few weeks with Ben, barking, not going to bed as he doesn't like change either! But he's settled down now and it's working really well, apart from my odd football disappearing acts!!

It's nice to talk to different people and learn about them, I'm a people person after all!! 


End of an era ... The wheelchair

Back in 2010 I was still walking all be it with difficulty and then a little old lady offered me her wheelchair when I was basically falling over getting into the voting building. So here I am having to buy a wheelchair, but it was only short term and it was only for long journeys.

Then as time went back I relied on it more and more much to my heartbreak. However the wheelchair all be it with blue on it has taken me to football, nights out and around to foreign countries! 

If it wasn't for that wheelchair I guess I'd be stuck in bed or on the sofa! I'd not have experienced the things I have and made the friends I have.

So as 2015 drew to an end that tempory wheelchair that became permante couldn't go on any more, the cushion looked like a piece of paper it was that flat! The handles wobbled and the brakes didn't work!!

So a new wheelchair came, I was sad to see my old one go as it helped me adjust, it had me cry with pain of cobbles in Brugge but it had me smile returning back to football!!

So here's to new adventures in 2016 in the new wheelchair it's called Ben! 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

You made me who I am

On Monday morning my nan passed away at the grand old age of 85 ... She fell asleep for the last time.

My nan along with my mum who died 8 years ago this August and my grandad who died 17 years ago this month 9/2 they taught me many things while here with me.

Grandad taught me about FAMILY no matter what life throws at you, keep your family close to you, keep in touch and love each other. He also taught me about football! 

My mum she taught me the most, never give up on what you believe in, never give up on your self and never give in to illness .. She also taught me to have friends and look out for them because everyone needs friends

My nan taught me .. Never give up on your dreams, be stubborn and she told me that life it's for living don't regret your decisions

So I raise a drink to the three most beautiful, intelligent, strong minded people who made me the person you know today

I love you and I'll always miss you

Charlie (grandad)
Sue (mum)
Betty (nan) 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Chronic pain

When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid I didn't really understand pain, I mean I had had pain but I just got on with it, you know headache didn't stop me, no pain relief needed for me! 

But now I'm heading to 8 years with rheumatoid this summer, 8 years of chronic pain, 8 years living in 24/7 pain with no break, I'm emotionally and physically knackered ... I have and do keep fighting to have a normal life, but it's taking its toll ... Just imagine being in pain 24/7 365 days a year .. From your little toe to your head ... There's no break from this pain.

Some times it intensifies so your crying so pain, sometimes your just rocking, but you get through it one step at a time u work through it mentally .. 

I'd love to have a pain free day, what a day that would be 


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A year on

A year a go today I went to Cambridge United at the FA cup, we took a draw and they came to old Trafford, but that very day in a way changed me well as a football fan! 

I'd sat on the train wondering if I was doing the right thing going, I sat there talking to a group of women on the train, talk to anyone me then! The thing was what I didn't know was things were going to change that night, for the better. 

I mean I was low on confidence, I didn't see how I had friends, I knew football would pull me out but I never realised just how much.

I first met Andy who seemed a nice guy, he I'm sure thought crazy brummie chick, I'm from Worcestershire people!! 

The game came, I first saw Jon and Alex although we didn't speak, Jon was busy patting di Maria on the back!! 

Seeing the view at Cambridge enlightened my outrage for wheelchair users everywhere!

I also met random away fans who I regular chat to Even now a year on.

After walking back everyone was going back to cars, hotels you could feel the disappointment in them all .. I mean drawing to Cambridge!

In the hotel bar, waiting for Andy I was thinking dam I'm cold haha! Then I met peter and Gordon! The Scottish lads as I call them now with affection!!

After that night, going home I though to myself I think I'll be ok going away with United, suddenly I felt able Togo again without fear 

A year on .. I'm still friends with Andy, Peter and Gordon made some some lovely memories with them. 

I've become friends with Andy M,  Scott, Jon and Alex, Kevin and Martin and Zoe and Richard .. I call us the wheelchair gang! We've made many memories together, including getting soaked in Brugge and freezing outer butts on a train platform in Wolfsburg lol 

But I've also made new friends in the able section too, the traveling United fans are a family and accept this crazy Worcestershire lass who wears a pink hat, everyone knows where I am because of my hat!! 

Thanks for all the love and friendship guys, you made me feel accepted for the first time in my life .. Love you guys ❤️❤️ UNITED!!! 

Monday, 18 January 2016

2016 apologises

So here we are in 2016 and I'm still not up today with last years excitement from Leicester away, West Ham at home, Wolfsburg away, Bournemouth away, The wheelchair .. End of an era and Stoke away .. Boxing Day

And most recently Newcastle 2016 

As you can see it's been a busy time with my outings and my health hasn't been that good either, with rheumatoid, asthma, eating issues, panic attacks and depression! But I am starting to come out the other side and hopefully I will be able to catch up on all my blogs soon.

This weekend brings me to a year ago that I went to Cambridge away with United .. More to follow on that one.

Well that's all from me at the moment 

Here's to a happy and healthy new year to you all xx

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Manchester for Carolyn's birthday

The end of November arrived and my uncle was home from Canada and it was my cousins birthday, so I missed a game of football, I know how kind of me. Watford we will meet again!

So I packed and off we went up Manchester way. With a stop off to say hello to uncle Andy! Then getting stuck on the M6 .. Oh how long did that feel, probably longer than it actually was!!

We made it to the hotel to check in, we've stayed here a few times it's really nice. We were very surprised but happy to be given a penthouse! 

After taking pics and unpacking, we went off into Manchester to the Christmas markets and superdrug! Carolyn got the girls some lovely tree decorations with there names on and a bag each.

Then back to the hotel and get dressed time to go for birthday meal at rosso's! It was a nice meal but we got sad after hearing our nan was very ill in hospital and family rushing to the hospital, we debated going home but we decided nan would want us to stay and enjoy our evening.

So as we were leaving I asked if there was any glasses in the lost property for a friend, there wasn't but I did ask.

We decided it was chilly so we'd go in the first pub we came to, It was only a man city pub LOL easy to see with the mufc clock on wall and mostly city fans! I nearly got coveted in beer as glasses (plastic glasses) fell towards the bar lucky saved and I didn't get wet!

Then we went to a nice quiet pub and before long back to the hotel, to admire Manchester skyline, a quick chat with Peter on FaceTime then bed!

We got up early and went straight home as we was worried about nan and Carolyn had to get the girls ready for dance presentation. It was really hard for me my joints are not 6am kind of joints!