Friday, 3 May 2013


So its been a tough winter as always. I went to see the lovely olly murs in March with my cousin which we really enjoyed because it was our annual Manchester Lowry Hotel stay! We even did spa and room service this time! Enjoyed the night, but as olly likes to produce snow you guessed it snowed so we came home early! Infact every time ive seen Olly there have been crazy weather snow and very hot weather (for the UK!!). Im having a new kitchen fitted that will better equiped for me to use with the rheumatoid so thats exciting. Also a new door mechanisum that will enable me to have it all electric so that ill just press a button and it will automatically open and shut behind me so again thats exciting. Im excited to be going on holiday to the Cannary islands for a week i booked it in 2012 so its been a long wait! Very excited to see the sun again and have a relativly pain free day, just got to get the flying out the way which i hate!! Then im off to see my friend in France which im really looking forward to. Medically wise, everything is stable or as was since i last updated. I hope that in the coming months there will be improvements. Friends i am very lucky to have amazing friends always there when things get tough. family always lucky to have you by my side :) Tracey always there to help reassure and look after me. Im looking forward to another holiday with my lovely cousin :) lets get you back up on the stage .. canarries 2012!! RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS you may cause me pain daily you may take away my confidence my dignity at times but you will not take away my spirit and i will carry on living life to the full. Here's to many more adventures with family, tracey and friends we wont let RA beat me in your face!!!! V xx