Friday, 27 November 2015

Gary's mum

There are two certainties in life, death and taxes.

On the 10th of November, my dear old mum passed off this mortal coil. I suppose reaching 93 years of age is an achievement, although her mind was as sharp as a tack, her body let her down. Mum was healthy up until the age of 80, then things started going wrong health wise. Things that affect westerners, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, type 2 diabetics.

However, the big thing that really decimated her mobility and quality of life was Osteoporosis; first diagnosed at the age of 85 when she broke her hip, and had a hip replacement. Then at the age of 89, another hip fracture, this time of the Greater Trochanter

Following this fracture, Mum wasn't able to walk without the aid of a zimmerframe, in addition, if she needed to go anywhere, it would mean using a wheelchair, which was very heavy, in addition to "transferring" from the car to the wheelchair and back again, proved very difficult. 

This really does show how debilitating osteoporosis can be, like many forms of arthritis. Largely ignored by primary healthcare professionals, and unfortunately accepted as a "natural" part of growing old; although, there are a large number of [cheap] pharmaceutical available which can help reduce bone loss. 

With people living longer, are we really in a position to address the issue of osteoporosis which has such a detrimental effect to those live with the condition, more people will be affected with it with increased life expectancy?

Thanks to the staff of A&E and Ward 5, Princess of Wales Hospital; for making my mum's last few hours comfortable and pain free. In addition to providing her with a dignified passing

Vicky says 

Gary has become a friend and I was very sorry to hear of his mums passing, I offer my condolences 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


The first time I met Fiona I was fierce teenager and what can I say pretty mad! I had just been transferred from Birmingham children's to Birmingham QE (which was a traumatic event and I was the first one too!) I never liked the QE I couldn't get on with them and I was real mad when they told me I needed open heart surgery, can you Imagine my shock, my children's team had told me I was good to be transferred, well I didn't believe them and demanded a second opinion, of course I did the mouthy teenager that I was! 

That was the first time I met Fiona, I was at London heart hospital, shy but determine for answers. She greeted me with a smile and said welcome to the clinic and if I needed anything let her know. I then saw the cardiologist who agreed with me no surgery needed, so I told her there and then I ain't going back! 

So Fiona and professor deansfield became part of my life from the formidable teenager, we have been through a lot the three of us, break ups, death of my mum, eating disorders, rheumatoid, depression, anxiety and even a few full on breakdowns on the phone!

We have talked for hundreds of hours about things, without Fiona and prof I've no doubt I'd be dead. Why? They know me so well I could ring them for a chat about anything even my eating.

Then today November 24th she rang me up and told me she was leaving the unit, I cried after we spoke for a while, she's not just a nurse she's a friend and someone that I trust.

She said she felt she wanted to ring me rather than just going and I appreciated that. She sats it's not the end, it's not goodbye for ever. But it's broken my heart ...

So professor deansfield don't you be getting no ideas your the only one I have left now from my original team and you rock!

Thank you Fiona and good luck for the future 


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Southampton away 15/16

What a pain, my second trip to st Mary's! Train works going on left me having to spending a weekend in Southampton!!

So I met Dan on Saturday, in redditch to get the train to Birmingham. Then off we went down Southampton! It was a long trip and people didn't make it easy for me! With seating and luggage and so forth!

Eventually arrived in Southampton, then had to put the sat nav on my mobile to get the hotel, poor Dan had to push me up a massive hill!! We made it to the hotel checked it, dropped stuff off, charged phone then off to show Dan Southampton by night! Was lovely to go down by the boats.

Staying at the jury's inn Southampton, the room was ok for the wheelchair but it took a lot to get into the toilet, not the biggest, although gave for some laughs! 

The next day, after about 45 minutes that's how long it takes these days to get a wheelchair taxi and we made it down the the grand hotel Southampton. They customer service was exceptional. The room was fantastic with views to the harbour.

We had lunch at the hotel as didn't fancy the walk into Southampton after all it was cold and time limited, plus we had to go to football! 

Lucky we managed to get a taxi to the ground, Dan had never been before so we took some pics outside, before finding the away end.

Now I've been to Southampton  before I also find the stewards really helpful and supportive and today as no exception. We found out seats and I chatted with some of my friends the  game began and it was a good!  

After the game we ended up walking back to the hotel and my legs were really hurting it wasn't the best, but we got there!

We had an early start on Monday and two trains. I was glad to see my dad and brother on Monday as I was really tired! Thanks for coming Dan great weekend down in Southampton :)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

It's been a long road

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that I'd never heard of, rheumatoid arthritis, seven years ago I didn't know what it was or how it was going to affect my life.

At 22 I had my whole life in front of me, a career, a partner, a life ... High heels, coats, shoes and more clothes than I probably needed.

Then my mum passed away of cancer, it was the worse thing you can imagine, I lost my mum, my best friend. But I also lost my rock.

Then I got rheumatoid arthritis and my life fell apart, suddenly I'd lost my support, suddenly I'd lost everything I knew.

It wasn't just rheumatoid, it was the depression, the anxiety, the eating disorder the loss of my self esteem and confidence.

As the condition deteriated my phone stopped ringing, the texts stopped buzzing. Friends were gone, they no longer wanted to be part of my life. It hurt it was so painful.

I spent two years alone, scared to go outside because I was ashamed of me, the condition, I tried to put a smile on my face but it wasn't easy todo that alone and no one understanding. That's when I started my blog to help me get things out.

Then my life changed again, friends came back, they became true to me once more, not the same people but new friends in my life, I won't name you because you should know.

Then my life changed again, I got this confidence that I'd forgotten I had for so very long, I went back to football, something I loved but I didn't think I'd go back to. My life got better because I had a purpose again football was my purpose.

With that, came new friends, more confidence, traveling up and down the country in my wheelchair, with my new friends, meeting them at away grounds, or chatting on Facebook, I thank them for that because they don't know what they did for me.

Now I'm in a different place to what I was, I'm not better, I'm not ever going to be better or the same person I was at 22, for a start I crnt wear heels. But I can say that life is different, it's a new life a life I never expected.

Take care of your friends they will help you through the difficult times, new ones are always there waiting for when your ready, they may not be physical but online buddies are just as good 


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Manchester with the little kids!!

So when we went to Lego land at the start of the summer holidays, I told the girls I'd see them before they went back to school. So in the first week of September, I took my cousin and the girls to Manchester! Now as you probably know if your a regular reader, I'm a man united fan ... So what did I do ...

I took them on a tour of mufc! We went round the museum first, the oldest was loving the trophies! Then we went on the tour, youngest didn't like it for some reason, but the oldest loved it, I'm sure she's a red now! We had lunch in the red cafe and the oldest wrote Rooney on her menu! The food was nice!

We then checked in to the hotel. I had a little nap as I was tired!! The girls were happy music on dancing around the apartment!

We then went for some food down stairs! Chatting and the girls dancing! Was funny!! Day one done!

Woke up early the next day! Then off to legoland adventure centre at the Trafford centre, which was good for the kids, lunch at McDonald's! Then a little show of the Trafford centre! They even got to ride on a ride outside! They had a great time!

Back in the car and homeward bound! We got stuck in a traffic jam and ended up going through the lanes! That was an experience I tell you! 

Eventually home and lovely cuddles with pets!

Thanks for a great weekend girls, love you both lots and my lovely cousin of course xxx

Sorry no pics ... Protecting the girls