Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Season review. ... Part one

So I find myself at the end of season 2015/2016 what a season it's been for me personally and Manchester United! We have contested in the premier league, capital one cup, FA cup, champions league and Europa league! It's certainly been emotional! 

The first place I'd like to start though is at the end! This season has been a real adventure, I've made so many new friends along the way which has made the season even more special, we have got soaked together, froze together, sang together and celebrated a few birthdays a long the way! So here's a few thanks, hi 5s and see you next term! Martin G thanks for villa, semi final and final at Wembley! Andy B thanks for the European trips, the long away days and the home adventures! Peter thanks for keeping our winning streak .. Let's keep it going next season! Thanks to Raman for the lift and the super company, thanks to Martin S for the chat and support. Thanks to Carolyn for helping me out at Bournemouth! Thanks to Dan for our Southampton adventure! Thanks to Eric for coming to say hi at Everton and Bournemouth and palace! Thanks to Bebo for a fun evening in Derby, place went off!! Thanks to everyone else who I've met along the way this season, see you next season!! 

Now to a very special group my MUDSA friends, where do I start?! This season has been tough at times for all of us but we stuck together and kept smiling and supporting United .. It's been emotional, I shall miss you over the summer! See you all next season! Kevin, we have become close this season since our first official meeting last season "scary brummie" we have shared many laughs and you've helped me with my eating issues. Big hiya to Martin your body guard .. Glad he recovered from his killer flu to help you LOL! Andy M our first encounter was when we was both moaning at being pissed wet through in Brugge and the flooded area, we have become good friends since, we are similar in many ways! Thanks for caring after seeing me in a bad shape with my eating. Big shout out to his pal Nigel don't think we ever chatter but see you a lot! Zoe it's been lovely having our chats when I've seen you at away games, big hello to Richard your lovely hubby been fab getting to know you both. Scott thanks for Bournemouth we may have been lost and without taxis but we made it back for food and drinks! Then we move on to little Alex who makes us all smile, it's been such a privilege to watch you grow and progress this season your an absolute credit to your family and of course our away mascot, you rock! Your dad Jon has been an absolute gem this season thanks for your friendship and care when I've  been going through some tough times, also lovely to meet your wife Victoria at Stoke and of course your brother in Brugge it's been a pleasure meeting your family. Shoutout to Liz who is such a lovely person so glad we got Togo to a home match together, we saw rashford United debut I'll never forget that, also all the help you've given me this last season.  Lastly Ann Marie, who I've seen at home matches and Wembley, so glad I was sat near you and we got our pic, it's been a pleasure getting to know you thanks for all your advice and help. 

You see this year personally has been really tough for me, with my health deteriorating, my nan passing away and then my eating disorder coming back, yet my football family stood by me through it all, for that I'll be forever grateful for, I hope we are friends for life!

 My first official game of the new season came early on, an away trip to Aston Villa which isn't far from home! As ever the day didn't start well, traffic and the road closed! We eventually got there and we didn't have a clue where Togo! So off we went in amongst the home fans rocking it, hey we sounded like them! Now we asked a steward who handed me a ballon, I'm 30 years old! Then a sweet, well that's different! Found our entrance, Martin finished his drink before they gave him his change!! Now we went to our seat, yup not the best sat with the villa fans, great! We actually thought the game might be called off as fans were well lacking but eventually the red army emerged! I had Kev and Martin to my right and Jon and Alex to my left! I spoke to kev a little as he asked Martin to help him. I was then basically ear wigging Jon and Andys conversation about Brugge and throwing my two pennies in when needed! The game ended well and my first 30.8 miles were completed! 

What next European adventure!!

So we found out we had tickets the Friday of the villa game and had to give our travel plans by the Monday, the stress! Oh and Andy B didn't have his updated passport, things were tense! So we decided I'd make my way to London the day before, stay over in Kent then head to the tunnel, drive and park at Brugge stadium then drive back after the match. Sounds simple doesn't it! Well with waiting for a passport, which did arrive hurray! It was a bit of an adventure! 

So my first leg was getting to the train station, I made it and before I knew it I was waving bye to my brother and Birmingham here I come London! I arrived in London then had the normal hassle getting across London with the wheelchair, the lifts and my many bags! Finally arriving at the o2 for the 3rd phase to Kent! It was a bad trip but my mind was thinking oh the early morning! Upon arrival at Andys I had to rearrange my luggage as I was taking a day bag! Plus had some cheese scones! We popped to Tesco to get a few essentials, phone charger, squash and cheese lol! After lunch was sorted it was time to get some shut eye!

Who knew there was a 5am?! The things you do for MUFC after a struggle with my joints lol I was up dressed and ready, got in the car and away we was, got about quarter of the way then Andy went forgot my phone, so back we went lol! Finally on our way second time lucky, and a final check, phones, Chargers, passports, match tickets yup got it all!! We made it to train, disabled line was empty! Then it didn't open and I was really mad! Lol so I was grunting to myself and then tweeted the euro tunnel! We eventually got on the next train, a later one than expected, I could have slept in longer! Now I was a bit nervous, never been on tunnel before, i had been following my pals journey on Facebook now it was my turn! Bye bye England ... Hello France only took about 30 mins! 

We had to drive through France which was enjoyable, then Belgium and boom lost, it was a weird looking roundabout and it confused the sat nav, I think we went round it about 8 times!! But all was not lost we found Brugge! Then got lost again, I swear we went up and dos the same street 6 times, even ended up in a wood at one point!! We then asked a police officer who directed us and finally parked up to be told u have Togo into the city centre, what!!!! 

So after a bite to eat and a bit of rearranging in the car off we went! It was a longish walk and not knowing where we was going didn't really help! We made it though, I was grumpy so many cobbles it hurt so bad! But I got my postcard and magnets! Then went into the main square and soaked up the atmospher and tried to locate Peter and Gordon, no luck though! We were advised to head back ahead of the United March so off we went, stopping to get dad some chocolate! The journey back was a bit quicker well it felt it! I jumped in car for a bit then I spotted the United wheelchairs! Rain was coming down but if we was all there they might let us in early! They did yes!! 

Now it was absolutely pissing it down! Brugge kindly gave us a rain Mac (LOL) In blue of all colours! The best was yet to come! The wheelchair section was terrible flooded and a huge wall, well that started me off moaning and Andy M was moaning! I spoke to Jon & Nigel with Alex! We was all moaning haha, bonding exercise lol! Luckily the rain stopped for the game, and the club de flooded us! Me I'm small and Alex is a child so we wasn't seeing  over the wall! Before kick off and outside in our blue macs we was all chatting, Jon suggested we sat by the emergency gate, fantastic! We could see woho! Now amongst all the noise I somehow heard a whistle and looked up at the United fans and it was Peter waving, I waved back and rather amused with my hearing I heard anything! Now a few other funny things happened that night, first a lad got on the pitch and stopped and the steward fell on his ass, we all laughed! Next the United fans in full voice, were told that the last train back to Brussels was due to leave and they'd miss it if they didn't leave it what did they do .. "And now your going to believe us we're going to miss the train" to much laughter from the Brugge fans, they have a great sense of humour! We won YES! Then it was time for me to use toilet as we was heading straight home, before leaving we was all like see you Sunday! Firstly the toilet was flooded and I got water on my head marvellous! Then I got locked in .. They didn't check the toilet they just locked it! So me full international flapping my arms haha! I decided I'd learn help for any further trips! We eventually got out! We were back in the car after a mufc official telling me to behave haha! Then the cops holding us for 8 mins while they decided  if we should wait for the united lot! The car felt good, I could maybe sleep! We went back through the wood lol a police escort this time getting the fans out ASAP! We managed to get back safely to France, then got lost haha! Well it was late! We eventually got on the train back to England! The roads were empty and I was feeling tired but buzzing football does that! Although I remember my head hitting the pillow and then waking up late the next day a little confused, what happened yesterday! My job fir that day was to ring Swansea and book parking, none left darn! So we'd have to wing it! The next few days went quickly I mainly slept! Was I going to be ready for Swansea, of course I was!! 

Swansea away, another early start, but I was going home after! I hadn't seen my kitties for a while! Now back In the car, I have to admit I was dreading it, I hadn't fully recovered from my jaunt across Europe! But here I was off again ready to embark on a Welsh adventure! As we were traveling I was quite dam it was hurting, why was I doing this to my body? For the love of Manchester United, I'd be ok! We discovered the main bridge was closed so had to use the other! I started needing the toilet, so we stopped and it didn't even have a cash point or white chocolate, unimpressed Vicky! The traffic was just awful going through Cardiff it was a real ball ache! We made it, a little tension trying to find a car parking space but we did, my body was just hurting so bad, I knew I was in trouble! We made our way around the ground, to where the traveling Reds were! We was told we could enter through the wheelchair door by a lovely DLO. Swansea is very good for disabled fans, lifts, DLO on hand to fetch stuff for you. Large toilets. Mostly was good to see everyone, the hardcore few who'd been n Brugge days earlier! Plus kev was here! We all had a chat before I knew it was back to the car and see you in September! The journey Home was long as I was tired and hurting a loss made it worse! 

Football millage & chapter titles! 15/16


Aston villa away 30.8 miles "brummie adventure"
Brugge away 602 miles "lost, woods & rain "
Swansea away 390.6 miles "Wales with grump"



Southampton 266 miles "south coast with love"

266 miles


Everton 230 miles "redditch reds"
Home v city 200 miles "derby day"
Palace 250.4 miles "to view or not to view"

680.4 miles


Leicester 110 miles "cold and rain"

110 miles 


Home v West Ham 200 miles "cockney away fans!"
Wolfsburg 1364 miles (282 miles) "frozen in Wolfsburg"
Bournemouth 310.6 miles " seat flipping"
Stoke 108.4 "flying balls"

1983 miles


Newcastle 444.6 miles  "Gateshead stay"
Derby 136.4 miles "lads and taxis""

581 miles


Chelsea 238 miles "hail or no hail"
Shrewsbury 88 miles "nearly there"
Home game v mijitland 200 " freezing with the Scandinavians"



Liverpool 215 miles " in deepest Cheshire"
Liverpool at home 200 miles "flares and all"
Manchester city away 200 miles "traffic!" 

615 miles 


Wembley 200 miles semi final "expensive beers"


Wembley 200 miles final! Unknown title