Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mum & nan

When 8 years a go I said goodbye to my mum I never understood what the next day would bring or in fact the coming weeks. The sadness the wanting for my mum, it broke my heart. I remember thinking I'll never see my mum again and crying just sat there crying.

Then I got sick and I was grieving for my self, my former self, my healthier self my walking self oh how I miss Vicky, she was brave, smiling, loving, caring, fighter she was my reason I was able to keep going.

But you see I knew I still had my nan. She made it alright, she would listen, even with her dementia she'd look at my pics of my travels, football, nights out and holidays. She'd listen intently about my adventures and would say now Vicky you are looking after yourself, she'd listen to me tell her anything, we'd laugh, she'd smile and always say why are you in a wheelchair darling, because of the ra nan id say oh yes I remember (I'm not sure she did). 

Before she got poorly and me and when mum was alive, I'd sit with my nan for hours while she told me about her family, about politics, Birmingham in the old times and about me, how poorly I was but how I never gave up. Mum and nan had those memories they shared with me, how I wish I'd written them down.

Now though they are gone, I have no memories of my own of my younger days, only vague stories they told me. How can I replace a lifetime? How can I ever smile again without my rocks, my best friends

You see grief you never know how it's going to affect you until it hits you in the face. It takes time to heal.

I miss you both so very much 

I hope one day to do you both proud and see the sun shinning again and have good times.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Today I have a confession and unfortunately it is not a good one.

You see I don't handle grief very well and become well withdrawn and emotional but also I just lack appetite. Unfortunately this has lead to a relapse on my eating disorder, I'm so sad to report this but I know I can beat it, like I did before, I have support in place and I will take one day at a time, slow and steady as they say.

I am managing to continue having some food of liquid form , unfortunately when I try and give myself solid food I get acid and panic attacks. It's a tough battle but I'm positive I can get myself back on track with the support of the people around me.

I thought I'd tell you because accepting you have a problem is the second step to recovery, the first is admitting to yourself. Things can only get better.

Lots of love V xx

Sunday, 21 February 2016

My uncle

So today I'm doing a blog about my uncle, who every year goes to Costa Rica with a group of duke of Edinburgh students, they go along and help the community out with building projects, painting. As well as helping school children it by taking supplies like stationary and such.

I guess you could say my uncle is a special person and the students he takes are special and committed to helping this community move forward.

You will see the go fund me link above if you wish to send a donation or watch the YouTube clip of last years trip, you should watch if nothing else it'll inspire you as he has always inspired me.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016



I recently watched a documentary on friendship and it really made me think, apparently you can only have 5 best friends and then 150 further friends in two other categorises. Now before I got rheumatoid I'd have said yes and no, I've never really had best friends close friends yes, maybe that's the issue!

I mean what is a best friend? To me a best friend is someone that sticks by you through good and bad, wants to spend time with you, always there if you need them good or bad, the feeling you can just pick up the phone to shout, cry, smile, celebrate ... That to me is a best friend.

Friendship in general is so important to a person, your friends should light you up, they are all at different levels, but seeing a friend say "your doing alright Vicky" just makes me smile and hold on to hope that I can keep fighting my many battles.

So I look at my many friendships, I am blessed to have friends all around the world, many share a condition with me be it rheumatoid or A heart problem.

Some I've known since well I was a baby, first school, middle, school, high school, college, uni and adult life!

I am still questioning the whole best friend question but I can see that I have some very close friends now even though I have rheumatoid and a wheelchair they still enjoy spending time with me! 

I mean when I think of friends I'd call or text my brain says .. Andy, Peter, Eric, heather, Katy, Claire and James  (not in any particular order) But American wise, Mary and Lee would be top of that list! 

So I guess my best friends would be out of those above

But I love all my friends who have ACCEPTED me regardless of rheumatoid or the wheelchair 

V xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The magic gel!

Now I know what your thinking, what is Vicky on about now! Well In fact my dear readers I'm talking about a prescription gel from my doctor that in my opinion is quite amazing! 

I've been having this gel for a few years and the early years I knew it made a difference because of sleeping but I didn't see that much difference in the day or morning should that be!

But as winter 2016 has took hold and the old joints are a bit wise with other things going on, pressure on my joints are really taking hold.

So last night, my care lady wasn't well and I though I'd be fine, one day without gel no worries I mean I've done it before, how wrong was I?! Oh the pain I seriously cried I hadn't realised how reliant my hips were on this gel to enable me to sleep.

I mean my friend rang and I couldn't focus to talk to him, it was that bad. 

I wrapped my self in two blankets to cushion my hips that didn't help either, well overall I had a very restless sleep.

Come this morning first thing I reached for was .. Painkillers! I managed to wait til I got out of bed, the pain just lingered getting on and off the toilet hurt, getting in and out of the car hurt, anything relating to moving my hips hurt.

No idea what is going on with my hips I think it's the cold snap along with the gel but boy did I feel it, I couldn't even get up to pit my phone on charge as I need to swing my legs. 

So tonight I have had my magic gel and here's hoping for a better night sleep, because I tell u what I need a good sleep! 

Signing off 

V xx

Monday, 8 February 2016

Night time routine

Now you see since 2012 my lovely cousin has been coming in to me each night, todo bits I need doing that I find difficult, or crnt do like my night time gel! Anyway long story short, Carolyn had to stop coming in, which made me sad, as I loved seeing her and hearing about both her and the girls life now I wouldn't have that interaction! 

Carolyn introduced me to Stella who in turn introduced me to Justine. I was a little apprehensive when I first met them not because of them but because it was change and I don't cope well with change plus I was going to miss my cousinly chat!

So they started coming in and tbh I was fine after a few days, although missing Carolyn, but hey I had seen her every day since 2012 and suddenly it changed, u know a girl with adjustment disorder this was shocking for my brain!

We had a rocky few weeks with Ben, barking, not going to bed as he doesn't like change either! But he's settled down now and it's working really well, apart from my odd football disappearing acts!!

It's nice to talk to different people and learn about them, I'm a people person after all!! 


End of an era ... The wheelchair

Back in 2010 I was still walking all be it with difficulty and then a little old lady offered me her wheelchair when I was basically falling over getting into the voting building. So here I am having to buy a wheelchair, but it was only short term and it was only for long journeys.

Then as time went back I relied on it more and more much to my heartbreak. However the wheelchair all be it with blue on it has taken me to football, nights out and around to foreign countries! 

If it wasn't for that wheelchair I guess I'd be stuck in bed or on the sofa! I'd not have experienced the things I have and made the friends I have.

So as 2015 drew to an end that tempory wheelchair that became permante couldn't go on any more, the cushion looked like a piece of paper it was that flat! The handles wobbled and the brakes didn't work!!

So a new wheelchair came, I was sad to see my old one go as it helped me adjust, it had me cry with pain of cobbles in Brugge but it had me smile returning back to football!!

So here's to new adventures in 2016 in the new wheelchair it's called Ben! 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

You made me who I am

On Monday morning my nan passed away at the grand old age of 85 ... She fell asleep for the last time.

My nan along with my mum who died 8 years ago this August and my grandad who died 17 years ago this month 9/2 they taught me many things while here with me.

Grandad taught me about FAMILY no matter what life throws at you, keep your family close to you, keep in touch and love each other. He also taught me about football! 

My mum she taught me the most, never give up on what you believe in, never give up on your self and never give in to illness .. She also taught me to have friends and look out for them because everyone needs friends

My nan taught me .. Never give up on your dreams, be stubborn and she told me that life it's for living don't regret your decisions

So I raise a drink to the three most beautiful, intelligent, strong minded people who made me the person you know today

I love you and I'll always miss you

Charlie (grandad)
Sue (mum)
Betty (nan)