Monday, 8 February 2016

End of an era ... The wheelchair

Back in 2010 I was still walking all be it with difficulty and then a little old lady offered me her wheelchair when I was basically falling over getting into the voting building. So here I am having to buy a wheelchair, but it was only short term and it was only for long journeys.

Then as time went back I relied on it more and more much to my heartbreak. However the wheelchair all be it with blue on it has taken me to football, nights out and around to foreign countries! 

If it wasn't for that wheelchair I guess I'd be stuck in bed or on the sofa! I'd not have experienced the things I have and made the friends I have.

So as 2015 drew to an end that tempory wheelchair that became permante couldn't go on any more, the cushion looked like a piece of paper it was that flat! The handles wobbled and the brakes didn't work!!

So a new wheelchair came, I was sad to see my old one go as it helped me adjust, it had me cry with pain of cobbles in Brugge but it had me smile returning back to football!!

So here's to new adventures in 2016 in the new wheelchair it's called Ben! 

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