Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The magic gel!

Now I know what your thinking, what is Vicky on about now! Well In fact my dear readers I'm talking about a prescription gel from my doctor that in my opinion is quite amazing! 

I've been having this gel for a few years and the early years I knew it made a difference because of sleeping but I didn't see that much difference in the day or morning should that be!

But as winter 2016 has took hold and the old joints are a bit wise with other things going on, pressure on my joints are really taking hold.

So last night, my care lady wasn't well and I though I'd be fine, one day without gel no worries I mean I've done it before, how wrong was I?! Oh the pain I seriously cried I hadn't realised how reliant my hips were on this gel to enable me to sleep.

I mean my friend rang and I couldn't focus to talk to him, it was that bad. 

I wrapped my self in two blankets to cushion my hips that didn't help either, well overall I had a very restless sleep.

Come this morning first thing I reached for was .. Painkillers! I managed to wait til I got out of bed, the pain just lingered getting on and off the toilet hurt, getting in and out of the car hurt, anything relating to moving my hips hurt.

No idea what is going on with my hips I think it's the cold snap along with the gel but boy did I feel it, I couldn't even get up to pit my phone on charge as I need to swing my legs. 

So tonight I have had my magic gel and here's hoping for a better night sleep, because I tell u what I need a good sleep! 

Signing off 

V xx

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