Sunday, 21 October 2012

A friend gone to soon

A while back now on facebook i was a member of many many groups and over that time i meet some fantastic people with rheumatoid whom have helped me to cope with many obstacles, taught me how to laugh with the pain. But then one night a small minority of us broke away, thanks to our friend Mani the teapotters were born! We as a group have been through a lot together, we support each other, we laugh together we are just like one big family. Today however one of our own Tina died of Cancer, she suffered with several health issues but if you needed advise she was there, if you needed a laugh she was there, if you needed a drool over jonny deep she was there by your side. Even in the latter part of her illness she was still with us thinking of us and part of our family. Tina may you fly high to heaven and be in no more pain. We will miss you so very much but we will remember you how i think you would like to be, a true fighter, a warrior a friend to us all regardless of location you were there by our sides. But mostly for your laughter and your naughty side! R.I.P Tina we miss and love you dear friend xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Cheryl Cole and the aftermarth

So on Friday i went to see Cheryl Cole at the LG arena, Must admit the disabled facilities were good, pleasantly surprised! Cheryl was really good as was Tinchy Styder i enjoyed it a lot! Although getting to the LG was a bit of fun i mean how do you get lost in your own city? Well me and my cousin did .. yes i know, we laughed to! Well then there was the parking fun .. now that was hilarious!! But after all we had a top night and had a drink which is always nice!! I had the best night sleep on friday not sure if it was i was knackered or the fact of alcohol .. (if my doctors are reading this i need to let my hair down haha!!) Saturday was a total was out i slept basically all day bar moving from the bed to the sofa!! Then on sunday i was still suffering was a bit gutted as was meant to be catching up with an old school friend but just wasn't up to it and slept most of sunday as well. Thats the thing with ra people dont realise you have to enjoy the good bits but then suffer the bad bits after!! xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Manchester 10k run for NRAS!

Ok so im guessing you're thinking whats this post about ... well here goes .. My friend and i had a conversation one night and we talked about doing a marathon for national rheumatoid arthritis society and he went to sleep and i think he forgot!! I reminded him though!! In the end Duncan though it would be a bit much a marathon .. im working on him for next year thought!! We decided he would do the 10k Manchester run on the 26th May 2013 .. now he's a manchester united fan and we might reach the champions league final the day before so its going to be hard work this run!! Duncan asked me who i wanted him to run for and i said "NRAS" i mean who better? and he very kindly agree'd so im asking all my Blog friends if you can get behind my friend who's running this race for 3 reason, Himself me and my charity and its a great charity If you'd like to sponsor him then please follow the link below :) (copy and paste in to your brower!) A big thanks in advance, From my self the suffer Duncan, the runner and the one who's helped me through tough times NRAS for supporting the charity :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

Rheumatoid didnt beat me but it gave a good go!

Soo the next few months, i intend on relaxing a lot so i can enjoy my christmas with my family as i love spending time with them. I am off to see Cheryl cole next week my last concert of 2012 and i am quite excited! Then im off on my last holiday this year with my family at christmas we are off to see Santa! I see my consultant next week were i will find out whats coming next in terms of health, what treatment next, what my body will tolerate i dont know. Am i scared i sure am because its a step into the unknown but i am very lucky to have a fantastic group of friends and family around me who i know will be there for me through thick and thin no matter what happens. Im back to see my cardiologist in December to make sure my hearts playing OK depending on treatment choices but hopefully i have many years ahead before the dreaded Open heart surgery becomes reality but i know deep down that when it comes i'll be ok because i have friends and family who will be there to tell me its going to be. I know i need to rest and realax this next few months so my body can recharge and prepare for my next battle and also get back to were it was pre-summer. Its not easy having Rheumatoid but you can not let it win and believe me at times ive wanted to let it win because it hurt so much and the pain got to much but i got through because of my family and my friends they are always by my side. xxx

Male Friendship

Many times i have thanked so many of my females friends and i love you guys loads but this post is about a male friend who has helped me through some difficult stuff. I dont know if he'll read it but if you do this is for you... Were do i start about my friend, he's been supportive, he's talked sense he's even talked reason. But beyond that he's challenged me and it was good because everyone needs some one to have challenging conversations with. He's seen the many sides to me, the vunerable (flood), the excitable, the happy, the sad and the intelligent side a side that i dont show people often. This summer he's been by my side through some really difficult times and the fun times to encouraging me to do things like write articles for a Manchester United Fan Site which i wouldn't have dreamt of doing with out his encouragement. He gave me the fight to stand up to people when my property was flooded and i was pretty mad at people lol! He's just stood by me and helped me choose to take my new medication and he was there to tell me it was going to be OK and for that i will be thankful as if i hadnt tried it i wouldnt have known the outcome and the treatment wouldn't be moving forward. He is a friend who will even run the Manchester 10K race for my charity NRAS how many friends would do that for you? Thank you for being there this summer and know im there for you always Teamwork!!!

My manic summer

So you've read all my updates and im sure your thinking my god that was an exciting summer! Yes it was fantastic i spent time with my family and some close friends and i really enjoyed it because ultimately you still have to enjoy life when you are living with a life long condition. The truth about my summer, it hurt a lot, i cried, i slept so much i've missed my summer bar when i was busy. I have had that many flare up's with many joints from my shoulders to my feet. It has certainly taken its toll on me ive been exhausted at some points. Ive taken more pain relief this summer than in any other summer too! I didn't even tell you about the flood at the start of the summer .. some thing that still hasnt been fully resolved and we are now in October!! Would i change my summer no way because i needed to have some fun and enjoy myself with people around me who know vicky as vicky and not "ra and vicky" No pain no gain certainly applied to me this summer!!

Wedding bells .. My cousin

During all my excitement i went to my cousins wedding. I got a nice new dress but didnt think about a coat so i had to use a big winter white coat .. well it was different right? lol Got my hair all done nice and off i went! It was a beautiful service and every one enjoyed them self in the evening. I had a wonderful day and got a bit drunk i remb saying "the tents spinning" i meant marquee and it was as far as i was concerned and its not often i get drunk with my family!! Unfortunately my joints didnt like it and i did flare up for a few days but thats life with RA enjoy the good and suffer the bad!!! Congratulations to my cousin and his wife xx

Olympics Part 2

So i went to the olympics with my little brother we had the most amazing day at the olympic village and really felt upbeat at the whole event. We went to see the Hockey and the day started very early!! The train had a lot of fellow olympic supports on which was great you felt like part of some thing. We then had to get from Euston to Kings Cross this was a bit of a treak but then we went on the bullet train which was ace mind not so cool when we nearly didnt get off!! The olympic village was excellent and really thought out well for people with disabilities. The seats we had were amazing and we saw Olympic history with the first penalty shoot out in hockey for a semi final!! We then had the long trip home which wasnt helped by the fact trains were cancelled due to a prob on the line so we didnt get home til gone mid-night!! But we had a great day and i enjoyed spending time with my brother x

Olympics Part 1

So at the Very start of my summer i went to the olympics for the first time with a friend we went to see Badmington at wembley arena, it was FANTASTIC and really got me in the mood for more Olympic times. The day was long though and unfortunately resulted in me having a massive flare up but that's how it goes with RA some times you have to endure the pain to enjoy the fun stuff and i sure have done that a few times!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

V Festival

Well there isnt a lot i want to say here but i'll give you a brief outlook of v fest vicky and katy style! ... First off we got up well early for our travels down to London which the train journey was fine we caught up it had been a while it was like re-connecting after a long time. Then we had the buses lol well what can i say they were fine .. i was hoplessly looking for some thing i'd recognise on my travels into East London .. we did it and got to the hotel to!! We couldnt check in because we were too early! So we left our bags and off we went again on another bus to liverpool street! LOL seriously auir con should be on buses .. hot hot hot!! We then grab some lunch YUM YUM! start our journey to ESSEX on the train .. yeah you guessed it it started raining, how i have no idea!! We get to chamlmsford oh no another bus journey!! Slipping and slidding all over the place!! We get to V fest finally then have a bit of a treak ... LOL yes i nearly did end up in the hole but hey you gotta laugh!!! Next stop MAIN STAGE was brillant even went to the comedy tent but OMG the toilets oh dear the toilets haha bit of a hop skip jump and lift from a stranger woop im in the toilet LOL It was boiling and i didnt take sun tan lotion i had wellies ... rain mack but not sun tan lotion! Getting home in the dark was fun then a random adventure in east london lol .. we then hoped off to the hotel took some random pics of using being silly and eventually ended up in bed and then woke up homeward bound but first shopping and lunch and a panic the train line wasnt working!! Fantastic day full of smiling and laughter roll on 2013 V fest STAFFORDSHIRE!!!

Meeting Alison

So before i went on my holidays i meet my new rhaumtoid specialist nurse at City Hospital Birmingham. We talked she gave me my prescription for the methrotrex and the folic acid. She seem's OK but it takes time for me to trust a new medical professional lets face it i have so many already i like to weigh them up first!! I hope that in time our relationship is as strong as that of my GUCH nurse.

Monday, 1 October 2012


What can i say i had been looking forward to this break for SIX LONG WEEKS!! It eventually came and it did not disappear here's a short review!! I didnt sleep the night before i was so excited as i hadn't been out the country for a number of years i was also aprehensive about the flight! So 2am came and Carolyn and Tracey were came in like a world wind and before i knew it i'd waved bye to my bungalow and i was off on my adventure! We talked all the way to East Mids!! Tracey about having a vodka caz about reading her book me worrying about flying!!! So we get to the airport and we are sat by the check in gates waiting for them to open and then my cousin (after about 45 mins) goes .. havn't we checked in online? which we had que the laughter and eventual movement to the security area! WHAT A LAUGH!! So we get up there show passports boarding cards LOL and go through i go through yer fine, caz goes through yup fine tracey goes through off come the shoes .. honestly trace you should have washed your shoes ;) funniest thing happens i'm a good girl have all my bottles small amounts go straight through. Then carolyn and tracey spend about 20 mins with a women sorting out what they can take and what they crn't im sat there laughing .. luckily we only lost a hair spray, sun tan lotion and perfume! We then head for the shops and buy more sun tan lotion and some perfume! Then we head to the bar, and i start getting really scared! We have 2 soft drinks and a vodka for tracey! eventually we are called at this point im thinking do i really want togo on the plane lol! It was a long trip to the gate many lifts that my cousin is scared of! We get to the front talk to the lady, i go on the plane a different way cuz of the steps and to be fair i was bricking it at this point an elderly lady asked if i was ok cuz i looked terrified haha i was too!! Eventually get on the plane everything is covered, i took my last painkiller about 4am that morning! i do not like take off LOL as tracey found out when im gripping her hands for dear life! LOL we eventually get to our location im a bit exhausted and feeling a bit shell shocked lol!! Anyway we had an amazing time i took NO PAINKILLERS the wholw time and ate LOADS felt so brillant like a different person i guess! The head really suits me and the RA i think i should just move for 6 months a year!!! I can not wait for the next holiday!! Oh and yes i was better flying back apart!! Roll on 2013 Holidays!!

Heart Hospital

So i popped in to see my cardiac team in September dureing my lengthy travels! I had my sats done with 100% results very happy! I had low BP but thats normal for me because of being on the pill so i wasnt too worried. Had an Echocardiograme which i read the report for it (i am so bad ui read all my notes/ letters too hehe) and that was really good as well. Saw my team we talked more about my inpending medication for the rheumatoid than my heart they were very nice and reassuring gave me a lot of confidence going forward. Overall on the bright side heart is good :D no problems they said in the 2 min conversation we had about my heart.


So i went on my Holidays in september! Had a fantastic time! My last stop was Weymouth, i went with my cousin, uncle and the girls. It was good to have some time with the girls and enjoy some family time. We laughed and joked went swimming well i watched but my uncle did first time in many years the girls loved Grandy in the water!!! We went to the beach which was real fun we made sandcastles and had donkey rides too! I was very lucky my joints did me proud, i was a bit stiff in the morning and late at night but my cousin was on hand to help and even the 3 year old would help cousin vicky which was so nice :) she helped me do small things like give me my trainers bless her. All in all a great break and enjoyed spending time with my family :) xx

Tough week

I've got a lot of catching up on my blog to do .. so i'll start with the most recent and work backwards hang on in there!! So the time finally came when i would start new medication MTX (a chemotheropy drug). My first in stings were i dont want to take this drug i do not want to put this medication in my system. I talked LONG and HARD with many medical personal from my GP to my Rheumatologist to my Cardiologist to my specialist nurses they all said the same give it a go Vicky lets get you feeling better. Now ive known my GP for many years he was the one that orginally told me i had Rheumatoid 4 long years a go, so i trusted his judegment. Ive know my cardiology team for 10 years now and to be fair i trust them with most things well in fact everything not just my heart but every thing if i have a problem they are the first people i go to for advise and reassurance with regardes to health matters and even when my mother passed away. I trusted them i'd be ok! Everyone told me the same, you've been through so much Vicky you will be fine. So Wednesday came, i wont lie i sat there with Tracey and i cried and i um'd and ar'd about the tablets i cured people mainly my doctors! Then i took the plunge one tablet two tablets and that was it my journey had started. I tried some food after the tablets what a joke it made me feel so sick it was aweful, we went for a hot chocolate as i didnt want to be on my own for the first few hours and you know the smell in the coffee shop and me want to puke every were, it wasnt nice!! The day continued i felt so sick bringin up some food but i kept going. Thursday it got worse my head was so foggy i wasn't sure what my name was lol my head hurt as if id been on a week long bender! I felt sick my joints were flareing i was so so tired. My stomach felt so dodgy like a constant fizz in the pit of my stomach too Friday came still the same no better .. the weekend came and went still feeling the methrotrex hangover! We get to monday my throat's hurting i feel so darn low emotionally and physically time to see my GP he tells me i have a throat viras which hasn't helped my MTX first take. My rheum nurse says its the end of the line for MTX and me and if im honest i dont want to go through that week again it was the worst i've ever felt not sure i could do that every week for the rest of my life. Do i still trust my doctors of course i do .. will i listen to there medication advise again .. we'll see, lets hope next time i dont feel so darn bad!! I would also like to mention the help and support from my family and friends this past week so many of you to name you know who you are you're all fantastic and i love you all THANK YOU This week has done one thing for me proved that i may be single and living life on my own but if i can get through that without a man holding my hand well hair while im sicking it up then im a dam good fighter and i can survive anything. xx