Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Manchester 10k run for NRAS!

Ok so im guessing you're thinking whats this post about ... well here goes .. My friend and i had a conversation one night and we talked about doing a marathon for national rheumatoid arthritis society and he went to sleep and i think he forgot!! I reminded him though!! In the end Duncan though it would be a bit much a marathon .. im working on him for next year thought!! We decided he would do the 10k Manchester run on the 26th May 2013 .. now he's a manchester united fan and we might reach the champions league final the day before so its going to be hard work this run!! Duncan asked me who i wanted him to run for and i said "NRAS" i mean who better? and he very kindly agree'd so im asking all my Blog friends if you can get behind my friend who's running this race for 3 reason, Himself me and my charity and its a great charity If you'd like to sponsor him then please follow the link below :) (copy and paste in to your brower!) A big thanks in advance, From my self the suffer Duncan, the runner and the one who's helped me through tough times NRAS for supporting the charity :)

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