Monday, 1 October 2012


What can i say i had been looking forward to this break for SIX LONG WEEKS!! It eventually came and it did not disappear here's a short review!! I didnt sleep the night before i was so excited as i hadn't been out the country for a number of years i was also aprehensive about the flight! So 2am came and Carolyn and Tracey were came in like a world wind and before i knew it i'd waved bye to my bungalow and i was off on my adventure! We talked all the way to East Mids!! Tracey about having a vodka caz about reading her book me worrying about flying!!! So we get to the airport and we are sat by the check in gates waiting for them to open and then my cousin (after about 45 mins) goes .. havn't we checked in online? which we had que the laughter and eventual movement to the security area! WHAT A LAUGH!! So we get up there show passports boarding cards LOL and go through i go through yer fine, caz goes through yup fine tracey goes through off come the shoes .. honestly trace you should have washed your shoes ;) funniest thing happens i'm a good girl have all my bottles small amounts go straight through. Then carolyn and tracey spend about 20 mins with a women sorting out what they can take and what they crn't im sat there laughing .. luckily we only lost a hair spray, sun tan lotion and perfume! We then head for the shops and buy more sun tan lotion and some perfume! Then we head to the bar, and i start getting really scared! We have 2 soft drinks and a vodka for tracey! eventually we are called at this point im thinking do i really want togo on the plane lol! It was a long trip to the gate many lifts that my cousin is scared of! We get to the front talk to the lady, i go on the plane a different way cuz of the steps and to be fair i was bricking it at this point an elderly lady asked if i was ok cuz i looked terrified haha i was too!! Eventually get on the plane everything is covered, i took my last painkiller about 4am that morning! i do not like take off LOL as tracey found out when im gripping her hands for dear life! LOL we eventually get to our location im a bit exhausted and feeling a bit shell shocked lol!! Anyway we had an amazing time i took NO PAINKILLERS the wholw time and ate LOADS felt so brillant like a different person i guess! The head really suits me and the RA i think i should just move for 6 months a year!!! I can not wait for the next holiday!! Oh and yes i was better flying back apart!! Roll on 2013 Holidays!!

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