Friday, 5 October 2012

Olympics Part 2

So i went to the olympics with my little brother we had the most amazing day at the olympic village and really felt upbeat at the whole event. We went to see the Hockey and the day started very early!! The train had a lot of fellow olympic supports on which was great you felt like part of some thing. We then had to get from Euston to Kings Cross this was a bit of a treak but then we went on the bullet train which was ace mind not so cool when we nearly didnt get off!! The olympic village was excellent and really thought out well for people with disabilities. The seats we had were amazing and we saw Olympic history with the first penalty shoot out in hockey for a semi final!! We then had the long trip home which wasnt helped by the fact trains were cancelled due to a prob on the line so we didnt get home til gone mid-night!! But we had a great day and i enjoyed spending time with my brother x

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