Friday, 5 October 2012

My manic summer

So you've read all my updates and im sure your thinking my god that was an exciting summer! Yes it was fantastic i spent time with my family and some close friends and i really enjoyed it because ultimately you still have to enjoy life when you are living with a life long condition. The truth about my summer, it hurt a lot, i cried, i slept so much i've missed my summer bar when i was busy. I have had that many flare up's with many joints from my shoulders to my feet. It has certainly taken its toll on me ive been exhausted at some points. Ive taken more pain relief this summer than in any other summer too! I didn't even tell you about the flood at the start of the summer .. some thing that still hasnt been fully resolved and we are now in October!! Would i change my summer no way because i needed to have some fun and enjoy myself with people around me who know vicky as vicky and not "ra and vicky" No pain no gain certainly applied to me this summer!!

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