Monday, 17 December 2012

Centre Parc's

Well i didnt write about my trip away with my family so i thought i'd do it now! So we booked our trip in May and it felt like forever til the day came to leave i was so excited about my trip! We took three cars! Me and my cousin in mine and we did some bunny hopping down the road ... it was so funny!! My aunty and Uncle and the girls in the second car and finally matt in the third car! We took a de-tour on the way to a shopping outlet i mean it would be rude not to! We started the trip off with hot chocolates for us all and a bit of shopping and a few treats for my self! When we arrived me and my cousin were very excited at the fake snow at the entrance! But then we saw Santa at check in and we were even more excited the girls were not as pleased! We eventually found our lodge after some driving and a bit of a hill walk with the bags! The lodge was fantastic we was all impressed! After unpacking we were off bowling and every one had a great time i think my uncle won closely followed by the oldest girl! We had none alcoholic cocktails with the girls which was great! Finished off with a take away for all and an early night! Saturday morning Matt joined us. We was up bright and early well for me it was! We went to see the reindeers they were so lovely! Then we waited for the pony ride ... but after about 5-6 minutes of waiting i looked at the sign and it said "pony ride from santa" OMG we were in the wrong place and late! My cousin asked a guy and he told us were to go and made sure we didnt miss the pony ride! Did we run, it was quite funny! The pony ride was lovely and i think she enjoyed it! We then qued to see Santa himself .. it was all going great, lovely workshop had a chat with a couple of elfs! Then the big man was ready for two little girls! LOL lets say the sisters are united in anti-santa! A few tears and screams, but santa read our letters out and wished us all a merry christmas so that was nice oh and the girls got a gift a reindeer and an elf and they loved them! That night we talked watched TV as a family and ate some yummy food! Sunday we got up early again! This time my Aunty and Uncle went off shopping while me carolyn, matt and the girls went off to pain baulbals! I have to say i enjoyed watching the girls paint them while the youngest painted her self a fetching shade of purple! We then left them to be fired we had to pick them up tomorrow! We then went for a walk around the lake and found the country club so we could all have some yumy food and it was very good i enjoyed the turkey! Later we walked back and went to soft play :) and the eldest got to make her self a teddy bear she called it sparkles and dressed it in bridal wear! I had a little nap before we went back out to watch the fireworks which were fantastic although the youngest was a bit scared! Monday we came home after feeding the ducks and picking up the baulbals that im told are now on the tree at my cousins We had a fantastic time, new memories and a great family break oh and how could i forget the brillant log fires!! I love my family so much thanks for a great weekend xx

2012 Year review!!!!

Its been a crazy old year with lots of highs and lows both personally and medically. Many people have come and gone some i’ve become much closer to this year so here it goes!! So i thought id start with my long suffering medical team just want to say a massive thanks to you all its been a crazy old year and 2013 is set to be another testing year for us all, if i do say so myself! This year i saw my cardiology team for the first time in 2 years it was good to see them and even better to know the old ticker is going strong! My friends what can i say this year you’ve been there for me through the good and bad its been fun!! My beautiful family thank you for everything i wouldn’t have got through this year with out you all. So i just want to make some special shout outs to 3 people who don’t know how much they helped me in late 2011 and early 2012 without you three i doubt id be were i am today, Jo thank you for the confidence building, the chats, the hugs the love when it was needed you are amazing you rock!! Lesley for being so nice every day even if i was scowling “Vicky stare” lol you just had the right words. Hazel for our long chats at night and the advice on the living room!!! You three saw me through a hard time with ra but always had a hug and love when needed. Tracey and Carolyn what can i say? You two have give me a kick a hug and laughed and cried together. Tracey you put up with my grumpy moods lol my happy moods and just let it go with a smile occasionally a kick too!! We have had some fun this year thanks for making 2012 awesome! To some special friends, i don’t really know were to start so many. Katy thank you for being there through the hard times and the fun times, V fest 2012! I know its been a tough year for you too and lets hope 2013 is a better year and bring on Majorca!!! Sam when the going got tough you stood by me i wont forget that. Amber omg i love you girl you have become a rock we talk about everything and anything infact nowt we don’t talk about, lets kick Ra’s butt in 2013! Mary i just can not thank you enough for standing by me so much this year there may be an ocean between us but girl you’ve been there for me like you were in the next town! Of course there have been many others Jo for our long Skype chat and always being there to listen, Maree for being there to talk to all my other rheumatoid friends and other friends! The lads, what can i say you boys keep me on my toes haha! Mike we have some random chats and we love our sweets, you give me solid advice about my medication, your a great guy and an awesome friend. James we may be ex’s but you have been there this year making sure im doing ok and when it got tough you were asking if i was ok meant a lot. Mark, what can i say about mark? You have been a tower of strength and love and gave such amazing advice these past few months. You get the pain and fatigue and always ask if i’m ok and have listened to me yap on about everything and anything! Thank you for everything love you mate. Duncan oh i couldn’t not mention you, its been a mad 6 months! We have talked about everything and anything there isn’t anything we aint talked about no hairs and graces as they say! You supported me through some difficult times and i hope ive been there for you too. Thank you for everything, always here for you no matter what, Love ya mate So now the thanks are over lets start on the year as it happened!! January came i was feeling pretty low as i wasn’t sure what would happen this year i am so lucky to have some amazing people around at that time. I started seeing a new rheumatologist in January and it was fantastic i though he was brilliant and i could work with him would this lead to me being able to trust enough to start medication, time would tell!! February came with snow and a bit of madness oh and of course Mr Olly Murs and the o2 in London what an amazing night with my friend Claire we had an absolute blast and the trip home was fun too, now about landing on our backs on that bus!! My RA flared really badly in February and had me take a few weeks out but hey seeing olly was defiantly worth it!! Then we lead on to march were my RA was feeling a bit better but i knew it was going to have to be handled with care because i had a busy month! First off Disney on ice with my cousin and her little one we had a brilliant day and i loved spending time with them both thanks for a great time! Then me and my cousin got on our jollys to Manchester to see JLS of course!! Haha oh what a night! We sang and danced together, we went back to the bar and JLS were only their, we had a great night few drinks and then off shopping and back home again. April was a quite month for me i rested as i knew i had a crazy few months coming up! Then we come to May, what can i say about may changes were made! First a lovely picini with tracey, my cousin and the girls and family friends! We had lots of fun watching the ducks and on the playground! Then we went off to London to watch X-factor we had a blast me, tracey and Claire! Was a lovely day had by all except the “DAM CYCLIST!” In Traceys words!! With the Uk griped by Olympic fever how could i not mention it, it was amazing watching it on the TV and brought the whole country together as one. I really enjoyed going to the Olympic games with Claire and my brother it was great to experience it with them both a special moment in history no one will forget. I was pleased i could share it with my younger brother. August well i couldn’t go to one of my Olympic events as my RA was flareing badly so i had to make do with the TV coverage which was excellent but not the same as being there! But i did manage to get to V festival with Katy we had an absolute blast! Singing and eyeing up the lads! I mean isn’t that what you are meant to do at a festival!! September WOW that was a crazy month some good and some bad for my health anyway. Firstly my cousin got married and it was a wounderful day had by all. Then i was meant to go to the paraolympics but my system just couldn’t manage it so i had to miss out but it was for the best as i had other things planned. Then I went on holiday to Tenerife and it was FANTASTIC the heat the food i felt amazing no pain i took no painkillers the whole time i felt fantastic, i didn’t want to come home! Then after coming home i had a trip to see my cardiologist who was disappointed to know i hadn’t started any medication but we had a good long chat about it and i decided to give it ago after my holiday! I then went on a long weekend with my family to Weymouth and we had a great time, sea, sand and sun one day! We danced in the evening and made friends with rory the tiger! My cousin costume making even won first prize for her little girl, well done cousin! Then the time i was dreading came. At the end of September 2012 i made the choice with the support from my loving family, wounderful friends and my doctors to start on medication Methrotrex and i have to be honest i wish i hadn’t i was so ill! I did not feel good at all and i was taken off it and it was deemed to be a fail by my doctors! Got to give a big shout out to Tracey here for putting up with me! For my cousin for making me laugh and to my friends for being there when i thought i was going to die i felt so bad! Thanks for pulling me through that! October was a quite old month for me, myself and my cousin went to see Cheryl in concert which was fantastic but in truth i needed a month to recover from September alone! November well it was going to be a quite month but then Robbie Williams announced a three night tour and i had to go so off we went to London, it was fantastic, im sure Tracey will say except the public transport lol! December i went to centre parcs with my family we had a fantastic time and it was brilliant to spend time with my family and make some lovely memories, seeing the reindeer, meeting santa, the fireworks and even the walk along the lake to get to the pub on the Sunday! Even bunny hopping it down the road thanks to my cousins driving, why isn't fuel coming out? haha Love ya carolyn! All in all 2012 had been a good year it has been painful, its made me a better person its been hard at times but its shown me what great people i have around me and i haven’t even mentioned the flood in my property or some amazing individuals such as Sarah and Marica. My doctors in 2012 out did them selfs and made sure i got through with a smile on my face and taught me that my strength can get me through the tough times. 2012 had taught me one thing and it should all other suffer’s don’t let RA stop you spending time with family or friends or doing the things you love because those days and events are what keep you going through the rough days and months. Next year i start biological treatment and have more memories to make with family and friends here’s to a good 2013 to all my friends and family as well as my blog readers. Love you all Vicky xx

Rheumatoid in 2012

The last 12 months have been really tough with my Rheumatoid its been a very painful year and one that has set me on a new journey with medication one that i doubt i would have taken but ill explain that shortly. This year i have needed more painkillers than ever before! Due to the rheumatoid getting much worse. Ive got a new team in 2012 at city hospital in Birmingham and to be fair they are a great team and i think they are ace i wish i'd meet them sooner maybe things would be different but i have to look forward and not backwards. The BIGGEST thing this year with my rheumatoid was the medication Methrotrex and although it didn't work i am so proud of myself for trying it and getting through that week with my friends and family it was a rough week but i did it i got through it guess i am stronger than i thought i was. But you know the truth is that if i hadn't meet my friend Duncan i would never have tried the medication but i did it and i am glad that i did even thought it means biologic's next. So really RA is worse than it was twelve months a go but it wont stop me enjoying myself and i am very lucky to have great support from my friends and family. VB!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Biological Treatment

So as you are aware i failed methrotrex as my body just didn't take the the treatment and to be honest i am gutted as it has led me to the hardest choice of my life and that is to start biological treatment. Why i guess your thinking there are many reasons .. first being that its an injection and i have a fear of needles and its a huge step to have an injection every day and then blood tests every 6 months too. Secondly because i have to go into hospital once a week to have the injection at first but they hope that i can eventually come home and have the injection which will be stored in my fridge but it is very scary that its a big medication with risks. Thirdly because of the amount of risks involved.I have a heart problem which doesn't help the problems and then on top of that they ask you loads of questions about family history and i said yes to the majority of it in relations to cancer etc. Im scared in case my heart does not cope and it causes heart failour and or cardiac arrest its part of the risk for anyone but with a heart condition its more risky but that's why i have to go into hospital so medical help is on hand i guess we will have to see what the future holds on the 7th January 2013.