Monday, 17 December 2012

Rheumatoid in 2012

The last 12 months have been really tough with my Rheumatoid its been a very painful year and one that has set me on a new journey with medication one that i doubt i would have taken but ill explain that shortly. This year i have needed more painkillers than ever before! Due to the rheumatoid getting much worse. Ive got a new team in 2012 at city hospital in Birmingham and to be fair they are a great team and i think they are ace i wish i'd meet them sooner maybe things would be different but i have to look forward and not backwards. The BIGGEST thing this year with my rheumatoid was the medication Methrotrex and although it didn't work i am so proud of myself for trying it and getting through that week with my friends and family it was a rough week but i did it i got through it guess i am stronger than i thought i was. But you know the truth is that if i hadn't meet my friend Duncan i would never have tried the medication but i did it and i am glad that i did even thought it means biologic's next. So really RA is worse than it was twelve months a go but it wont stop me enjoying myself and i am very lucky to have great support from my friends and family. VB!!!

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