Thursday, 13 December 2012

Biological Treatment

So as you are aware i failed methrotrex as my body just didn't take the the treatment and to be honest i am gutted as it has led me to the hardest choice of my life and that is to start biological treatment. Why i guess your thinking there are many reasons .. first being that its an injection and i have a fear of needles and its a huge step to have an injection every day and then blood tests every 6 months too. Secondly because i have to go into hospital once a week to have the injection at first but they hope that i can eventually come home and have the injection which will be stored in my fridge but it is very scary that its a big medication with risks. Thirdly because of the amount of risks involved.I have a heart problem which doesn't help the problems and then on top of that they ask you loads of questions about family history and i said yes to the majority of it in relations to cancer etc. Im scared in case my heart does not cope and it causes heart failour and or cardiac arrest its part of the risk for anyone but with a heart condition its more risky but that's why i have to go into hospital so medical help is on hand i guess we will have to see what the future holds on the 7th January 2013.

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  1. I'm praying for you my friend...are you sure you don't want to try meeting with a rheumatologist in Bath before starting Embrel? I'm worried about your heart! And all your weight loss!! And you in general. Wish I were rich & could fly out to be w/you. Or fly you out here for a consult and visit! Love you,