Monday, 20 April 2015

Thomas and peanuts cats that have touched my heart

A while back I joined a group on Social media called cats whiskers as I love cats and talking about cats! 

Upon joining the group I discovered a fantastic group of people a community of loving and caring cat lovers and then I found out about the first little cat in need Thomas.

Thomas unfortunately had an accident in late 2014 and his owner took him to several vets but wasn't getting any answers.  Thomas then went to live with Elaine and Gary for a short while as Thomas needed lots of time but his owner continued to visit. It was thought that Thomas had a broken jaw which was preventing him to eat. He eventually saw a bet who told them he was severely under weight for a 7 month old kitten. After much discussion and research they decided to try some top vets in the south of England quite a long car journey away but for Thomas it was worth it. They needed to raise £5,000 for expensive surgery. Upon seeing this new vet it was decided he would have a feeding tube fitted and then be fed via this to help him gain weight as they new vet thought he could help little Thomas but first he needed to gain some weight and fitness. So Elaine and Gary both took to feeding little Thomas and now we are nearing his operation he has gained weight and on more special milk through the feeding tube! Little Thomas has a play mate bella who he loves! Thomas is now a lively kitty who loves a good chase with his new pal and lots of cuddles with her too! He has come on lots and the group cats whiskers has proved to be a loving and supportive group raising all the funds needed for his operation which will be taking place later this month, good luck Thomas we are all rooting for you.

Thomas and bella

Thomas In the hands of his new pet

A very small Thomas

Best of friends Thomas and bella 

We did it 

I love this picture of Thomas I think it really shows his character!

Recently I've been introduced to the beautiful cat peanuts who the group are now again raising funds for with the help of other sources and his human mum gave me his history:

Peanuts Mother was feral; she found refuge in a garden shed and proceeded to give birth in a hole in the floor.  As we understand it Peanuts Mother was subsequently disturbed and so up and left with her kittens. Alas little Peanut was left behind due to the fact that he had been born with a deformity which effected both his front legs.  This made it impossible for him to crawl out of the hole.  He was left alone to die – he was only a few weeks old.  Fortunately for Peanut the owner of the house heard a pitiful cry, when she investigated she witnessed  poor little Peanut attempting to claw at the sides of the hole with his bent-backwards legs in an attempt to get out.  The finder alerted Heronbank Cat rescue who duly collected Peanut and brought him to  Heronbank rescue centre in Batley, West Yorkshire. 

Peanut has a congenital deformity which affects both of his front legs.  The bones of his front legs appear straight on X-ray, however his right femur has subsequently bowed somewhat, his ligaments and tendons are either too short or two long, resulting in his feet ‘flapping’ from the carpus (wrist) downwards.  To further complicate matters Peanut’s right leg rotates from the elbow downwards and he tends to walk on the upside of his foot (pads pointing upwards), the right leg bends in an ‘L’shape as a consequence of this.  That said, Peanuts back legs have compensated by building amazing muscle mass…he stands like a Meerkat, bolt upright!!  He is able to jump from the floor onto my tall bed, onto the windowsill, from one chair to another and onto my dining room table!!! He does this with the aid of splints of course.  Peanuts legs are splinted daily under the supervision of his wonderful veterinary surgeon Maria Towarek and Jill Fraser  at Baildon Veterinary centre.  Peanut also undergoes daily physiotherapy when the splints are removed.

Peanut found a loving family to look after him and I'm delighted to say even with his disability he is a lively and affectionate little cat along with of course very determined to play with their other 5 cats that little boy isn't letting his deformities get the better of him playing! 

Peanut needs an operation that's been quoted at £8,000 now the rescue centre initially raised £1,400 but then the cats whiskers got involved and of course the continue support for heronbank cat rescue centre at the last count which was Friday they have now raised a massive £6,500 of course there is still some funds to find £1,500 to reach enough for the operation however I myself have seen the group pull together to help raise even more funds. 

Now cats whiskers are a group of aprox 1,500 people including Elaine (Thomas's adopted mum!) who have together raised an amazing amount of money for both cats and are still trying to raise funds with raffles, football cards, magnets and keyrings and I'm sure other things I have forgotten about! They have also raised the profile of both of these cats on social media and even the press!

I know for a fact how thankful and humbled both Elaine and Denise are for helping both Thomas and peanut. 

I want to wish both cats best of luck for their operations and further fundraising for peanut you can do kitties we are all rooting for you.


As a small kitten in his splints 

Getting bigger In his yellow splints

Peanut I'm the loving arms of Denise!

Thank you for reading and if you can please do donate to peanut :) 

Chelsea v Manchester United and a trip to Kent

This past weekend I have been away for a few days it was lovely to get away from the "grove."

So Saturday morning I was up really early and off I went to Birmingham internation to catch a train to London. I booked my ticket early so I managed to get a first class so enjoyed the first class lounge firstly, nice drink and biscuits! Then onto the train for my 1 hour and 15 mins to London euston. I ended  up falling asleep on the train and waking up just as we was pulling into euston as I was that tired from getting up early! 

Then unfortunately andy was running late and I nearly ended up falling asleep again waiting in the mobility suit!! 

Once andy arrived we asked at the info point the best way with a wheelchair to be told to we had to go to kings cross then go to green park etc well I knew that wouldn't work! 

So we did walk to kings cross, well I was in the wheelchair! We eventually made it there and then double checked the route! To be told no not that route you need to go this straight route, phew least  we didn't have todo lots of changes! We then got to early court a quick stop off for food and drink well more drink for me! Then we had about a 20 minute walk/roll to Stamford bridge! We walked through an old graveyard and it was nice! We made it to Stamford bridge and met up with some MUDSA members and had a chat. Then we watched both the coaches come past! 

Then into the ground now the disabled section was not to bad, we were under cover which was fab! We was slightly risen and had a toilet right near us as long as we had our radar key! I thought we had a fab view and the united fans were standing but polite and asked me if we could see and I thought that was really nice. My view at Stamford bridge:

Unfortunately the game ended 1-0 to Chelsea however united played really well and I wasn't so disappointed as I've been in the past. The MUFC fans were loud and constant as always!

After the game we had the walk back to earls court! Then onto the district line where the person tried to hold the train for us but then they went off and we had to wait for another tube! We got on the next train and made it to Westminster where another person was waiting with a ramp to get me off the tube, never had that before! Then had to go up in a lift, then down in 2 lifts! Then all the way to Greenwich! Then gt some chocolate and a drink for the journey to Kent! 

We arrived late on Saturday and after catching MOTD I went to bed as I was shattered! I slept in til my alarm went off!! Then went for some lunch and I had my favourite scampi and chips it's was hard to eat because my jaw kept hurting but I eat as much as I could then had a lovely ice cream!

There was more ice cream than I ever thought! Then off to have a push along seeing the working harbour and beach which was lovely and warm in the sun but windy when not in the sun! It was lovely to breath in the air and have some time away from the grove.

Monday morning I headed home which is where I'm writing this. Thanks so much for a lovely weekend and for trying to navigate the tube with me haha!! 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Dear D

Dear D,

I refer to you as dad but just so everyone knows you are in fact my biological farther. So congratulations on that one, for having a 30 year old daughter with a heart problem and rheumatoid arthritis who you never bothered with, I mean I've been waiting 7 years for a phone call.

Why that should suprise me I really don't know as I waited for you when you told mum you were coming I'd sit waiting for you in nan and granddad window, waiting for my dad, but u never turned up did you D? You never called you never sent a card you just didn't acknowledge me. 

But D you have 4 other children that you love a boy and 3 girls, so what about me? Was I not good enough for you? Oh no wait it's because you couldn't be with me wasn't it because your a lore and a cheat aren't you D? That's the truth isn't it?

You see D even now at 30 I don't really want anything from you because you don't want me, I mean you boasted when you found out I got into law school, what do your other kids do D? I wouldn't know would I. I want to know if I am so sick because of you though D, because heart problems don't run in my mums family so that must be you D? I mean let's face it your wife did tell my mum that she hoped I died, thanks for that D I was just a small baby having life saving surgery. But you wouldn't know that? But D you were there because your sisters child had died of a heart problem, so it must be you why I have a heart problem is it your DNA D? 

But then is it you why I have hearing issues? Is it you why I have rheumatoid? Is it you my health problems are the badness in me? I'd love to ask you but you probably wouldn't recognise me now, why would I bother because lets face it D you don't exactly want to know me or you'd have called?

So D, you did ring when I was a teenager I remember it because I was walking through new street to get my train home from work and I couldn't answer, you know the train was important D, like your life seems important with out me in it. When I got back to grove my dad (H) drove me home and I went up stairs to listen to my answer phone message and it said "hello vicky it's your dad" now I know this will sound a bit odd and all but what gave you the right to call your self my dad? I mean I know you legally are you actually came to the hospital (well done D!) and you managed to sign my birth certificate to say yes you was my dad, well done again you did 2 things in my life, I really must congratulate you I didn't know you cared.

When my mum died I knew she'd want you to know, I think she thought u might u know keep in touch with me. But nope yet again I was let down D, you see when I think of my biological dad I think how much I've been let down by you D, why could you not just give me a chance? 

I know the stupid thing is even at 30 and after writting this I'd still welcome you into my life why? Because D you are my dad and you hold so many answers to so many questions, you have a family a brother and 3 sisters and nieces and nephews that I only wish I knew, I mean I know my half brother and he's cool, but my sisters won't even met me because of your wife, you know the one you cheated on? I mean D the one you were divorcing isn't that right D? 

Oh but dad there is one thing thanks for leaving me because if you'd have stayed I'd have been a villa fan and granddad didn't much like them! I wonder if that's why he never seemed to like you, or nan or my aunty and uncles ... Guess I crnt foam my own opinion because you never gave me the opportunity D.

Thanks though for giving me my life even if it seems your DNA is bloody terrible good job I'm better than you I'm a fighter you see .. 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

To my mum

Dear mum,

This year 2015 marks 7 years since you died and went to live with angels and how things have changed. You see mum when you died I went Into shock and my body couldn't cope so I got a disease called rheumatoid arthritis, I know right I'd never heard of it either. It's been tough adapting to life with out you and with rheumatoid. You see I didn't just loose my mum on August 20th I lost my best friend and my fountain of knowledge, I mean who else could tell me how to make actual rocks in the oven .. Yes I remember dad breaking his tooth on them too! Who else could hold me and tell me it is all going to be ok, who else can I ring when I just want a chat about mummy daughter things? No one because no on can replace you. 

I am lucky that I have a good family around me and you know mum that's credit to grandad and nan because family values are important. I still go round to dads every Sunday for lunch, but lets face it mum, no one is ever going to make roast potatoes like yours! Or even cheese and potato pie because mum they were your specialities in the kitchen! I mean Carolyn use to come round just for cheese and potatoe pie lol!  

You see mum I crnt walk any more and so it's tough these days you know todo simple things that we all take for granted. But I don't moan much mum because you showed me how to battle hard and long against disease, you see mum ever now I am looking at you for advise and guidance.

I've changed to since you died, I think I found myself again in many ways, I love going to music gigs esp with Carolyn because we like the same music, we have seen many people we are going to see olly this month and a music all dayer in may, haha yes we are doing to rock in Manchester! 

I also changed because I realised something that I had often let things get in the way of traveling but no I don't mum I just do it because life's to short, I'm still not that keen on flying though! You'd laugh at me when I was in France because I had to be carried down the steps of the plane in my wheelchair how you would have laughed but I know you'd have been worried too! I always said I'd travel and I love it mum.

I know you know I always liked football, remember when I sat with dad in the kitchen shouting at refs and ud be sat watching the soaps, wondering what all the fuss was about! I've gone to quite a few football matches but I don't go with dad, or uncle Charlie I go on my own, well with friends but not family. I go and shout and often in my funny pink hat, now mum you'd really laugh at that! I think you'd like the lads at football mum they are always polite to me and helpful with my wheelchair, even if we re sat with home fans! Or worse still I'm moaning I crnt see anything! 

I also started doing a lot of bothering for disabled sports fans mainly around football but others sports too, trying to make things fair for us all you know mum because that's important isn't it? You always taught me never to let things lie if I believed in it and I havnt I even wrote to the FA! (Don't worry mum I know you don't know who that is!)

Something else though mum you know I've had my struggles and my tears but you told me to look I to my self and find out who I am and I really feel that I know that to an extent and I even feel like I belong somewhere now with my football friends that's where I am happy the most mum.

But mum you know the main thing you always told me to keep family close and I do, me and Carolyn do loads together and I saw Chris near my birthday, I wish I saw him more though. I see peter every week even if he'd rather not! I also see dad every day. I'm going on holiday with aunty pol and uncle Charlie this year and I can not wait although I think uncle Charlie is abit nervous! I spoke to aunty Rita and uncle andy too when I can. I don't see nan that much it's hard for me and she often calls me she and it upsets me mum.

You see mum we all miss and love you but mum you are never forgotten everyone remembers aunty sue, sister sue or just mum.

Maybe I will write to you again mum it's been good to chat! 

Love you mum

Your tricky vicky xxx

The grove (a name given to the town I live!)

You see for the last I don't know two years I've said and been looking to move to my spiritual home of Manchester the place I love and feel comfortable but today I've been sat thinking of my town, my home and got a bit emotional.

You see early in 1985 I made my way In to this world, I mean I was born in our community hospital I'm a real "grove" (nickname)  girl, but I've never settled here. 

After being born I went to the big city cuz I was sick! Then I came home to the whole street out banners and everything for me when I came home after open heart surgery I had survived.

Before that though my town had pulled together to support my mum, my family. Yet still i don't feel i belong.

Grove was the place I went to school, all three, to college for a night course it was where I experienced my first work experience in a kitchen, where my god mother worked.

You see this little town we have been been through a lot together, good and bad times,

When my granddad died and you came to pay your respects to a great man

When my mum died you where there for me in your own way

I've said goodbye to mum here when I went off to uni, when uncle has gone back to Canada 

I've Been bullied here too .. I even met my first boyfriend here peter! 

But now I'm 30 and I'm surrounded by sadness,

I remember sitting waiting for my real dad to come In Nan's house

I look out my window to the graveyard where I know too many people In there

When I visit my dads I see mums resting place 

When I visit the community hospital I see the windows of the rooms my mum and granddad passed away in.

So grove there have been good times and bad times and sadness 

But you see that's why I need to leave to let go of the triggers that make me so sad to release myself from the spell of this small town, Togo out on my own invisable just a girl in a wheelchair that no one cares about 

Not "so and so's daughter/niece/cousin/granddaughter" or the "heart kid" or "the girl in the wheelchair" 

What's going to hurt most of all though is saying goodbye to my family I know it's not forever because I'll be back as they say but it'll be weird being 100 miles north of them! 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Rheumatoid jaw

Now I have ra in many of my joints that I just live with every day. But when my jaw kicks in it's just awful 

TMJ due to rheumatoid is the official line basically my jaw joins imflams and causes pain across my face, into my jaw and my ear, the pain then sets off headaches/migraine and it's just no fun at all

You see you crnt eat much, crnt take meds the pain just gets you in every way.

Today's one of them days when u just want a hug and a friend 

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day xx