Saturday, 31 January 2015

Manchester United v Leicester city

So I got up early as I was getting a train from my home town in worcesteshire, now it wasn't the best the train guard didn't even get me a ramp instead expected my 73 year old dad to lift me and wheelchair on to the train, so that's annoyed me and it wasn't even 10am!! 

Luckily on the train someone helped me to a wheelchair space and I met a really cute black lab x guide dog and she was a beauty! The owner told her to come to me so I have her a quick cuddle cheered me up! Then at Birmingham a lovely lad helped me and he was a Birmingham city fan (granddads football team!) so we had a good chat about football while waiting for my train! 

Once on my train to Manchester I seemingly found my self surrounded my Leicester fans!

On arrival at Manchester lucky someone got me off a city fan too! So we had a chat about both our games I predicted 2-1 .. Find out later! I got in the taxi and asked him to strap the wheelchair down .l yeah sure and then he drove off now if you have been in a taxi with me you will know my wheelchair goes all over the place! I was holding on tight!! 

We arrived at the hotel and he left me on a bloody hill to wheel myself in, I was absolutely knackered it was hard work with my bags on the back! 

On a plus the receptionist was lovely! He let me leave a key down at the reception for Duncan who was coming to meet me at the hotel :)

Hurray Duncan arrives! I feel better seeing a friendly face and I know I won't be pissed off any more! We opt to grab a drink in the bar .. I had a rosè it was nice but a little dry .. Duncan said it was horrid haha!! I met up with andy too and gave him his flag back was lovely to see him again :)

We got to old Trafford and it was his first visit to the disabled section of the ground and he laugh it was good with the ability suit to keep warm in before the match! Today's game I was seat number 4 and that meant I was right by the away fans, didn't they make some noise! Here's a picture of my view 

As you can see it was a good view and no stewards in the way hurray! 

Before the match started me and Duncan had a guess the score I said 2-1 united and Duncan said 3-1 united ... The final score was 3-1 RVP and Falco and an own goal by Morgan! I'm not sure who scored for Leicester! 

Here I am at the match with my mate 

^^ we are really good friends and I know we will always be there for each other :)

Anyway after the match we couldn't get a taxi :o so Duncan bless his heart pushed me all the way into town it took us 50 odd mins! He had indentations on his hands from the handles on the wheelchair! But good job in the dark getting me safely back to the hotel, much appreciated :) 

After Duncan left, I had a good cry as I wasn't going out and I was a it upset about it. Then I got wifi in my iPad and started talking it friends afar and texting Duncan! I had some chocolate so I'll probably get breakfast in the morning! 

Well that's it from me, a good win for united and a mixed day from me .. But good to see my friend! 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My 20s .. It's been emotional

I remember the build up to my 20s I was so excited haha! My whole life in front of me so many plans so many things to look forward to!

Fast forward 10 years and 3 weeks before I hit the magic 30 it's the big one!

My 20s can only be described as shit .. Other than meeting some awesome people along the way.

I split from 2 long term partners in my 20s one of which I do regret I won't lie! And that was only the start! My 20s also saw my mum get really sick with mouth cancer. Loosing my mum at 23 was really tough I still miss her loads. My 20s also brough my rheumatoid arthritis ... It also brought the wheelchair! It also brought the end to my legal aspirations, with getting sick. My 20s also signifies for me the end of my chances of having children, but I'm cool with that my line stops with me! My 20s also bring on other health issues!

On a brighter note .. My 20s brought this blog and everyone seems to enjoy my ramblings across the world (thank you)! My fighting spirit for disabled football fans started in my 20s! I also visited, France (Cannes and Paris) and the cannaries in my 20s! I also flew on my own for the first time (on a plane of course!). My love of live music started in my 20s too!! 

Also I have met some wonderful people in my 20s from well a lot of places! If I started naming I'd probably forget people so I won't but you know who you are! I also commected with old friends in my 20s! 

So here's to the final 3 weeks as a 20 something!! 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Part two .. Cambridge united v Manchester United FA cup!

So as you know from my earlier blog, I went to a football match and didn't have the best experience! So I wanted to share a few photos with you although not all of them! 

Firstly from the Tv replay I watched on my return home .. Hey I missed a lot of action! 

Picture one shows me under the flag (see the pink hat!!!)

Well you can not see me in this picture! But I am there! (Behind the steward) 

Thanks mr steward!! 

Great window! (This was taken by my companion) 

I have others but I won't post! 

May I make a suggestion that disabled people want to see the game too

The best comment I heard all night was to a fellow able bodied united fan "go back to your seat mate it's a better view' yup thanks mate pointing out my bad seating!!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cambridge united v Manchester United fc .. Part one!

On Friday I made the long trip down to Cambridge for the fa cup game. After a terrible start with trains delays and cancelled I managed to get a train 1 hour later than expected. The staff at new street as usual brilliant. It was a long trip taking nearly three hours. I started talking to a family on the way down who were really nice yet I think exhausted! I eventually arrived at Cambridge train station at 6.15 an hour and 10 mins late!! My first impression of Cambridge was excellent the ramps were ready, a lady helped me off and to my friend andy who was waiting. They even had amble disabled parking outside the station! 

It was lovely to meet andy yesterday we have been talking on twitter about football we share the same passion of MUFC. He very kindly arranged to meet me and then help me to the stadium.

The Cambridge Central premier Inn was fanatic they had so many disabled parking spaces I was amazed! After checking in I found my room number 2 on the ground floor, I have to say the disabled room was of good quality plenty of room to get myself around. Although the sliding door wasn't perfect as it was quite heavy, but i managed it.

It took us around 10 mins to walk to the stadium it wasn't too bad although cold. We met the head steward to get our tickets and then went I to the ground. Cambridge United had installed a ramp so that disabled visitors can get into the ground which i thought was really good. My seat was right at the front of the our fans (Manchester United), In fact I had a robin van Persie flag right behind me! The fans were fantastic as normal and I even had a chat to a few! The game was ok but to be honest the view was shocking as I wasn't raised! I was pre warned about there being an interrupted view but I'd say it was more than 10%! My other problem was stewards standing right in front of me so I couldn't even see some of the game which was really annoying for me, I know I shouldn't moan as I'm grateful to get tickets but when I paid £25 for a ticket I don't want people standing in front of me! I could of missed a goal!! (Not that there was any goals!)

Off back to the hotel seemed quicker probably because rain had started falling!! We went for a drink when we arrived back at the hotel and met two Scottish lads so we had a brief chat with them and a drink. Always good to meet new people espically as they were reds! 

My friend left after getting back to the room and so I put the tv on and lay in bed with my iPad and eventually fell asleep. I think I cooked over night as although I turned the heating off my room was so hot I didn't even get under the covers! 

Unusually for me I woke up and felt relatively hungry, so I rang reception who were great and they came to my room, helped me get out to the reception area and then brought breakfast to me it was so very kind of them. I had a croissant and coco pops which I unexpectedly really enjoyed! They also phoned for a taxi for me.

The taxi driver was so nice he had a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle. He picked me up and took me down to the car park where he then got me into the car and strapped in! We had a lovely chat on the way to the station, he seemed really friendly! 

The lady was ready at the station to collect me from the taxi driver for my long journey home. As I write this I'm about 45 mins away from Birmingham new street and still have to get back to Worcestershire after that! 

Overall was lovely to meet andy and Cambridge seems a really accessible town and I hope to go back soon :) 

It was such a long journey back home, taxi train taxi although I was lucky to have a friendly taxi drivers making the journeys quite nice although after over 4 and a half hours on the road I was absolutely knackered and a had nap when I got home! 

I have some pics but I will upload them up on a separate blog but until then enjoy my one photo of the view before people were stood in front of me haha!! 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


So I have been having some more physiotherapy and guess what ...

Firstly my hands are doing very well I mean can you believe I can get a remote in between my hands! I can also get a "screw" tap to turn off a tap ..let me tell you that gave me quite the smile!! My hands are getting stronger!! 

But the best news with a frame I took EIGHT (8) steps with my feet all be it sideways! We are going to keep working on my legs and hands but here's to some more positive news soon :)

I shall sign off by thanking each and everyone of you for joining me on my journey with arthritis 

Lots of love xx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Preparing for a trip!

So next month (February) I am planning a little trip across the Irish Sea to Dublin a place I have never been before and I have to admit I am very excited about visiting!!

Now being in a wheelchair every thing takes a bit of research and a lot of planning! It's not just as easy as jumping on a plane and hoping for the best!

First of all because I am traveling solo on this trip I needed to contact the airlines to find out if they allow for single wheelchair travelers, thankfully they do! So that's one point checked off, plan to get to the airport sorted will have to book my assistance a little closer who will aid me on and off the plane lol I don't much like flying but it'll be fine! 

Next stop because of traveling solo I needed to make sure I could hire an electric wheelchair while over in Dublin. Now I searched and couldn't find any useful information, so I asked my friend peters daughter heather as she lived in Dublin. She has been so helpful and has tracked down a firm who do this so now we just have to wait and hear back from them! 

Now I have researched hotels another important part of my research and came up with two that looked excellent and very accessible and I have chosen one as long as we can sort my electric wheelchair out! 

Now I've started research transport in Dublin so I can get about in the centre, although i may spend a day in the spa! (Well why not!!) 

Now the fun can start looking for places to visit and how accessible the bars are! You can not visit Dublin and not have a little drink!! 

I shall update you on my trip after my visit of course I'm sure I will have some pictures! 

Special thanks to Heather for all your help in researching on my behalf :)


Friday, 9 January 2015

Good news!! Hands

Well to start the new year off I have been told my hands are getting better, there's more extension in my fingers which none of us expected it really is wonderful to see the numbers dropping knowing that all the hard work is paying off.

I am so proud to know all my hard work has payed off so far. I now have a daily plan of exercises to further extension and build up the strength in my hands.

By using my splints every day for as long as possible

General hand in and out exercises

Massaging my hands twice daily

Wheelchair pulls (hold my hand on wheelchair and pulling) 

Finger pulls to strength my thumb and finger as well as stopping the finger from drifting.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Aston villa away by Chris

Chris is a fellow Manchester United fan who has a disability but can use normal seats known as ambient seats. This is his experience of an away day :)

The night be for game my friend stayed over at my flat we had a lot of fun and a good laugh as we was excited about going to the game we hardly get to go much and we thank mudsa for it. saturday 20th december starts i was worrying because my brother slept in as i called him few times no answer but then he finaly rang me at 11 said he pick us up at 12-30 witch he did. he dropped us of near the ground and we followed the fans to the stadium it was really easy. then we got in my mate put on a few bets be for we went in. we had a good view front row seats we couldnt beleive our eyes watching the players warm up infront of us we was just shocked watching our heros infront of us. then giggs came over to chat with the fans gutted he never came our bit but managed to take a really good photo of him on my rubbish smart phone lol. then the match starts we all singing cheering on the lads but then villa took the lead me being me was swearing and being frustrated haha. then 2nd half kicks of we finaly made it 1-1 falcao scoring his 2nd goal for the reds my friend ran to the front to celebrate with him i was just cheering releived we scored. it ended in a draw we was still chanting and it was nice of the players to clap to us after the game. then we walked to the train station what was only a 5 minute walk. over all we had a great day hope there many more to come.

thank you mudsa and ashleigh

Monday, 5 January 2015

Stoke away!


As the year started I was wide awake and talking to a friend, then the Owens rang to say happy new year which was really nice! 

I didn't get much sleep! Then off I went to my local train station for 9.30am! It was way too early!! I met Dan and the day began! We were off to Birmingham .. For a quick train swap! Train transfer was quick! Then on our train to stoke! Now although I have visited stoke before, I'd never been to the Britania stadium! 

I wasn't sure what to expect! After getting off our train we were told we could get a bus £3 return or a taxi. After much thought we got the bus as this meant I didn't have todo any transferring. So we get on the bus and it didn't end up leaving til 12.30!! Luckily we got to the game .. Just!! 

Stokes wheelchair area is elevated and away fans only. I got a good view of the pitch and the atmosphere as always from the united fans were fantastic!! 

Getting back to the station was a nightmare as everyone was cramming on the busses luckily we got helped on by 2 united fans! 

I had booked a train back for 2 hours after kick off to give us time, we was back wishing 30 mins! So stoke station were very kind and got us on to an earlier train! We both fell asleep in the way back!! Then the long taxi home!! 

It was fantastic to go on another away day! I had a great time and I hope that Dab did too, special thanks to him helping me out throughout the journey and during the game :) 

This is me before leaving all wrapped up!! 

This is my view at stoke!! 

V xx