Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Aston villa away by Chris

Chris is a fellow Manchester United fan who has a disability but can use normal seats known as ambient seats. This is his experience of an away day :)

The night be for game my friend stayed over at my flat we had a lot of fun and a good laugh as we was excited about going to the game we hardly get to go much and we thank mudsa for it. saturday 20th december starts i was worrying because my brother slept in as i called him few times no answer but then he finaly rang me at 11 said he pick us up at 12-30 witch he did. he dropped us of near the ground and we followed the fans to the stadium it was really easy. then we got in my mate put on a few bets be for we went in. we had a good view front row seats we couldnt beleive our eyes watching the players warm up infront of us we was just shocked watching our heros infront of us. then giggs came over to chat with the fans gutted he never came our bit but managed to take a really good photo of him on my rubbish smart phone lol. then the match starts we all singing cheering on the lads but then villa took the lead me being me was swearing and being frustrated haha. then 2nd half kicks of we finaly made it 1-1 falcao scoring his 2nd goal for the reds my friend ran to the front to celebrate with him i was just cheering releived we scored. it ended in a draw we was still chanting and it was nice of the players to clap to us after the game. then we walked to the train station what was only a 5 minute walk. over all we had a great day hope there many more to come.

thank you mudsa and ashleigh

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