Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Part two .. Cambridge united v Manchester United FA cup!

So as you know from my earlier blog, I went to a football match and didn't have the best experience! So I wanted to share a few photos with you although not all of them! 

Firstly from the Tv replay I watched on my return home .. Hey I missed a lot of action! 

Picture one shows me under the flag (see the pink hat!!!)

Well you can not see me in this picture! But I am there! (Behind the steward) 

Thanks mr steward!! 

Great window! (This was taken by my companion) 

I have others but I won't post! 

May I make a suggestion that disabled people want to see the game too

The best comment I heard all night was to a fellow able bodied united fan "go back to your seat mate it's a better view' yup thanks mate pointing out my bad seating!!

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