Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cambridge united v Manchester United fc .. Part one!

On Friday I made the long trip down to Cambridge for the fa cup game. After a terrible start with trains delays and cancelled I managed to get a train 1 hour later than expected. The staff at new street as usual brilliant. It was a long trip taking nearly three hours. I started talking to a family on the way down who were really nice yet I think exhausted! I eventually arrived at Cambridge train station at 6.15 an hour and 10 mins late!! My first impression of Cambridge was excellent the ramps were ready, a lady helped me off and to my friend andy who was waiting. They even had amble disabled parking outside the station! 

It was lovely to meet andy yesterday we have been talking on twitter about football we share the same passion of MUFC. He very kindly arranged to meet me and then help me to the stadium.

The Cambridge Central premier Inn was fanatic they had so many disabled parking spaces I was amazed! After checking in I found my room number 2 on the ground floor, I have to say the disabled room was of good quality plenty of room to get myself around. Although the sliding door wasn't perfect as it was quite heavy, but i managed it.

It took us around 10 mins to walk to the stadium it wasn't too bad although cold. We met the head steward to get our tickets and then went I to the ground. Cambridge United had installed a ramp so that disabled visitors can get into the ground which i thought was really good. My seat was right at the front of the our fans (Manchester United), In fact I had a robin van Persie flag right behind me! The fans were fantastic as normal and I even had a chat to a few! The game was ok but to be honest the view was shocking as I wasn't raised! I was pre warned about there being an interrupted view but I'd say it was more than 10%! My other problem was stewards standing right in front of me so I couldn't even see some of the game which was really annoying for me, I know I shouldn't moan as I'm grateful to get tickets but when I paid £25 for a ticket I don't want people standing in front of me! I could of missed a goal!! (Not that there was any goals!)

Off back to the hotel seemed quicker probably because rain had started falling!! We went for a drink when we arrived back at the hotel and met two Scottish lads so we had a brief chat with them and a drink. Always good to meet new people espically as they were reds! 

My friend left after getting back to the room and so I put the tv on and lay in bed with my iPad and eventually fell asleep. I think I cooked over night as although I turned the heating off my room was so hot I didn't even get under the covers! 

Unusually for me I woke up and felt relatively hungry, so I rang reception who were great and they came to my room, helped me get out to the reception area and then brought breakfast to me it was so very kind of them. I had a croissant and coco pops which I unexpectedly really enjoyed! They also phoned for a taxi for me.

The taxi driver was so nice he had a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle. He picked me up and took me down to the car park where he then got me into the car and strapped in! We had a lovely chat on the way to the station, he seemed really friendly! 

The lady was ready at the station to collect me from the taxi driver for my long journey home. As I write this I'm about 45 mins away from Birmingham new street and still have to get back to Worcestershire after that! 

Overall was lovely to meet andy and Cambridge seems a really accessible town and I hope to go back soon :) 

It was such a long journey back home, taxi train taxi although I was lucky to have a friendly taxi drivers making the journeys quite nice although after over 4 and a half hours on the road I was absolutely knackered and a had nap when I got home! 

I have some pics but I will upload them up on a separate blog but until then enjoy my one photo of the view before people were stood in front of me haha!! 

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  1. Lovely post as usual i didn't expect anything less from you darling.xxxx