Saturday, 31 January 2015

Manchester United v Leicester city

So I got up early as I was getting a train from my home town in worcesteshire, now it wasn't the best the train guard didn't even get me a ramp instead expected my 73 year old dad to lift me and wheelchair on to the train, so that's annoyed me and it wasn't even 10am!! 

Luckily on the train someone helped me to a wheelchair space and I met a really cute black lab x guide dog and she was a beauty! The owner told her to come to me so I have her a quick cuddle cheered me up! Then at Birmingham a lovely lad helped me and he was a Birmingham city fan (granddads football team!) so we had a good chat about football while waiting for my train! 

Once on my train to Manchester I seemingly found my self surrounded my Leicester fans!

On arrival at Manchester lucky someone got me off a city fan too! So we had a chat about both our games I predicted 2-1 .. Find out later! I got in the taxi and asked him to strap the wheelchair down .l yeah sure and then he drove off now if you have been in a taxi with me you will know my wheelchair goes all over the place! I was holding on tight!! 

We arrived at the hotel and he left me on a bloody hill to wheel myself in, I was absolutely knackered it was hard work with my bags on the back! 

On a plus the receptionist was lovely! He let me leave a key down at the reception for Duncan who was coming to meet me at the hotel :)

Hurray Duncan arrives! I feel better seeing a friendly face and I know I won't be pissed off any more! We opt to grab a drink in the bar .. I had a rosè it was nice but a little dry .. Duncan said it was horrid haha!! I met up with andy too and gave him his flag back was lovely to see him again :)

We got to old Trafford and it was his first visit to the disabled section of the ground and he laugh it was good with the ability suit to keep warm in before the match! Today's game I was seat number 4 and that meant I was right by the away fans, didn't they make some noise! Here's a picture of my view 

As you can see it was a good view and no stewards in the way hurray! 

Before the match started me and Duncan had a guess the score I said 2-1 united and Duncan said 3-1 united ... The final score was 3-1 RVP and Falco and an own goal by Morgan! I'm not sure who scored for Leicester! 

Here I am at the match with my mate 

^^ we are really good friends and I know we will always be there for each other :)

Anyway after the match we couldn't get a taxi :o so Duncan bless his heart pushed me all the way into town it took us 50 odd mins! He had indentations on his hands from the handles on the wheelchair! But good job in the dark getting me safely back to the hotel, much appreciated :) 

After Duncan left, I had a good cry as I wasn't going out and I was a it upset about it. Then I got wifi in my iPad and started talking it friends afar and texting Duncan! I had some chocolate so I'll probably get breakfast in the morning! 

Well that's it from me, a good win for united and a mixed day from me .. But good to see my friend! 

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  1. Lovely blog Vicky you should take up writing darling as i think you have talent in that