Thursday, 31 December 2015

Manchester for Carolyn's birthday

The end of November arrived and my uncle was home from Canada and it was my cousins birthday, so I missed a game of football, I know how kind of me. Watford we will meet again!

So I packed and off we went up Manchester way. With a stop off to say hello to uncle Andy! Then getting stuck on the M6 .. Oh how long did that feel, probably longer than it actually was!!

We made it to the hotel to check in, we've stayed here a few times it's really nice. We were very surprised but happy to be given a penthouse! 

After taking pics and unpacking, we went off into Manchester to the Christmas markets and superdrug! Carolyn got the girls some lovely tree decorations with there names on and a bag each.

Then back to the hotel and get dressed time to go for birthday meal at rosso's! It was a nice meal but we got sad after hearing our nan was very ill in hospital and family rushing to the hospital, we debated going home but we decided nan would want us to stay and enjoy our evening.

So as we were leaving I asked if there was any glasses in the lost property for a friend, there wasn't but I did ask.

We decided it was chilly so we'd go in the first pub we came to, It was only a man city pub LOL easy to see with the mufc clock on wall and mostly city fans! I nearly got coveted in beer as glasses (plastic glasses) fell towards the bar lucky saved and I didn't get wet!

Then we went to a nice quiet pub and before long back to the hotel, to admire Manchester skyline, a quick chat with Peter on FaceTime then bed!

We got up early and went straight home as we was worried about nan and Carolyn had to get the girls ready for dance presentation. It was really hard for me my joints are not 6am kind of joints!

Crystal palace away

So we reach the end of October and it was time to visit crystal palace!

I probably shouldn't have gone as pain was exceptionally bad that day and everyone seemed to want to pat my shoulder!!

I ended up getting a train to Watford and then being picked up and then car to palace, which seemed to take a long time, what's with traffic!

The game ended as a draw. But I got to see Peter and finally give him his cigs from Portugal, how he got them into the ground I'm not sure! I saw Gordon to! Also Eric who was a bit miffed with what was going on on the pitch and let's face it who wasn't! 

When I arrived at palace I had to collect my tickets that was at the ticket office, which was fine, but I couldn't speak to them as the window level is designed for standing people! Then they had a ramp one side but with drops to each window! Come on palace sort it out!!

I didn't know how to get in so just got the attention of someone who let me! Getting in was easy! The wheelchair area was great in some aspects but I mean why let others stand in the section, I don't care if they crnt see from seat, I crnt see because your stood in front of me!

The journey home was horrific. I was dropped at Watford in pain, on my own trains cancelled. Eventually got on a train, thankfully a virgin train, I always feel looked after on there trains. Arriving at Birmingham new street at first no one was there to get me off thankfully with passenger help we alerted someone and I got off, in tears but I was at least back in the Midlands. I then had to get a black cab, the man was useless I eventually made it home gripping onto my wheelchair all the way home.

After arriving home, I had a good cry and was ready for my next game.

Thanks to Lydia for trying to arrange a pre booked taxi even though they wouldn't let her because it was from a train station! 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Manchester derby!

I was very lucky to have tickets for the derby match. Lydia had stayed so she could come with me! After a very unsettled night sleep, the bed was so uncomfortable. 

We met Andy at the hotel who had parked his car as he was taking me home, thank you!

We made or way to old Trafford, meeting friends on the way having a chat. We then waiting while Lydia got her program, I don't buy them any more! I met Andys friend, had a little chat! Then saw my pal Gordan for another chat! It was so good to be at old Trafford and seeing my pals, chatting away!

We went down to the entrance and the dog had a sniff of my wheelchair, all clear we were off In! We sat in the ability suit for a while, I chatted with Ann Marie briefly.

Then we were off to our seat! The game ended as a draw, it was an entertaining Derby!

The journey home well took is an hour to drop odd Lydia at Piccadilly, thanks for a great weekend !

Then we got stuck in more traffic so Andy decided to go the back roads, before I knew it we was on our way and I was home! Was great to have cuddles with Ben the dog!

MUDSA annual dinner 2015

It was the day I'd been waiting for, the MUDSA annual dinner, time to dress up, see friends away from the terraces! 

The day started badly have u ever tried to get into a Kia Sportage with only one leg?! Well with a struggle we got in, my first thought was I've got to get out as well!! But we was finally on our to Manchester me and Carolyn that is!!

We eventually arrived in Manchester yay! Then we drove around the block a few times trying to find the car park for hotel football! We eventually found it, YES! But oh no we have to get out now! With a fling into my cousins arms I was out, not in an elegant way either!! We dropped off our bags and headed to Piccadilly to meet up with Lydia, yay!

We wanted food and decided we'd just go back to the hotel, after much debate and a couple of beers we decided and then Carolyn got the wrong order LOL 

We got told our rooms were ready yippie! We had a view of old Trafford my favourite place, I decided to have a nap as it was going to be a long night! So Carolyn and Lydia went for a drink while I napped! I'm so rock and roll!!

Before I knew it they were back and it was time to get ready, I was really upset to find out the hairdresser wasn't arriving, had a few tears, I just wanted to feel good! Then my friend said he wasn't coming either, he'd missed his flight, so that was disappointing. We eventually all got ready, lucky for me Lydia let Carolyn use her bathroom, she needs time and space with her lotions and potions! 

I arranged to meet everyone downstairs in the bar. So off we went down stairs and slowly my pals arrived and I saw Zoe and Richard so that as nice! Then another friend pulled out, he had an emergency, I was feeling disappointed but got to keep going!

Next stop the annual dinner! We had such a good laugh, some got drunk, we ate, laughed and was a little rowdy! We had a q&a fro, Byron Robson and I got my photo taken with Quinton fortune, unfortunately missed out on robbo and sir Alex. On a plus my mate won the signed shirt, yay!!

My friends Jon and his brother Nigel and there dad came to say hello, Ann Marie also came over and said hello and I finally meet Ashleigh!

After we all decided Togo out in Manchester well Andy took some persuading! So two cabs and we were off to Lola's haha! We danced laughed, got more drunk! I think we got in between 2-3am!!

I tell you one thing the beds at hotel football are extremely comfy! 

Thanks to those that came and for the laughter and great memory! Until next year!!


Friday, 18 December 2015

Everton away 15/16 season

October came and it was another trip up to Liverpool, we were due to face Everton at goodison park!

Now I had a bit of a problem, my normal pals were unable to attend due to various reason plus some had tickets too, how did that happen, tickets and busy .. This was a new experience! 

So after asking around friends of friends, my pal suggested I put it out there in the mufc group I'm in and luckily to my relief, a kind man called Ivan and his pals had room for me in the car, plus they were redditch reds, they run the branch, perfect!

So I waited on the morning of the game for them to arrive, my brother and dad to just to be safe haha! They came and before I knew it I was in the van front seat and on my way to pick the other two men up!

So here I am in a van with 4 lads I didn't know on my way to Liverpool, well it was actually really fun, we had a chat, I had a listen to there conversations, typical Vicky! Turns out one of the lads dad has rheumatoid to, so he understood to an extent!

They managed to get me out the van safely and we were off to the ground! I was outside the ground while Ivan went to see pals at the away end entrance, and my friends Jon and Alex came to see if I was ok! As I'd told Jon to check on me lol!

In the ground we went, brief chat, Eric came to make sure I was alright and Peter texting to see I was alright! 

Before I knew it the game was over, we had won and I said "glad I didn't miss that" and laughing they said I came come again must be lucky!

The drive home was talkative about the game, the relief we had won! They dropped me home and said hello to the dog and dad arrived 20 mins later!

Thanks so much redditch reds Ivan and friends much appreciated.

Before I forget I played spot the ball again at Everton and those toilets are way to small!! 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Portugal 2015

At end end of September, I was off to Portugal with my cousin and her mate, finally some sun, it felt a long time since I'd had any sun! The day before me and my brother had been into redditch to get some of my last min bits, I managed to get a lovely skirt and some spray bottles. We were only taking hand luggage and I'd brough my sun lotion so thought I'd transfer it to 100ml bottles! My brother helped me pack and so the bottle swap! I didn't sleep well that night because I knew I was going to be traveling early and I was worried I'd sleep through my alarm, so I decided to go have a few hours early evening then stay away til 1-2am .. Who's bright idea was that lol!! 

2am arrived and a tired eyed Carolyn and ang arrived, time for me to get ready to leave which didn't take long. Then just as we pulled off I remembered I'd forgotten my sunglasses so we went back for them!! Then journey to East Midlands wasn't to bad apart from one wrong turn which I did say about lol!! Oh and going on holiday with Carolyn will always cheer u up at security ... 2/3 bags of lotions and such even the security guy got fed up of trying to limit the bottles lol

The flight was interesting as we were getting ready to take off Carolyn needed the loo so she had to hold it in for a while lol!! Made me chuckle! We had arrived in Portugal and thought it was cold! We'd pre arranged a transfer which was there up on arrival and before we knew it we was off to our hotel yay! 

The hotel was little apartments, so we had a bedroom, bathroom, a living room with sofa to etc and a single bed and then a kitchen! Then the large balcony!

We had a really good holiday lots of drink and Food, lots of laughter too. Some of my highlights were, Carolyn and ange playing water polo ... Hilarious, the beach .. Carolyn doesn't like water but went down to the sea to get her feet wet well the current was strong and she ended up on her ass LOL and lost her glasses, luckily I got it all on film haha!! Finally the karaoke now it was about to finish and I pushed myself down the front quickest Ull see me move ... How I laughed neither can sing but it really cheered me up no need!! 

One negative was, we went for a night out on the strip lol we were all drinking happily, then I needed the toilet! Let me tell you Portugal isn't good for wheelchair toilets! I did get in the loo eventually it just took, seven women to get me in lol! I can laugh now, I wasn't at the time though! 

Really was a superb holiday, bar getting flu! Great to meet new people, the couple from Manchester we had a great chat, the lads from France, whom I was glad to hear were OK from the French terrorist attacks and the lads from the Netherlands! 

Thanks for a great weekend, where shall we go in 2016!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Not just arthritis

I don't really know I want to start with this blog, so I thought I'd start by saying that, simply because it's often harder to say it than it is to hear it.

I've lived with rheumatoid now for 7 years and three months, it's been a really tough journey. I started off as a 23 year old with my life ahead of me. I started getting pains after my mum died and I was told it was likely to be grief but it turned out it was rheumatoid. 

Now fast forward to being 30 years old! I never thought my life would be where it is today, I recently said to one of my team "for the first time I feel like I have real friends and I'm to sick to enjoy that feeling!!" 

You see at 30 I should be able to do simple things like get my coat on but I crnt which is really annoying, I should be able to dance with pals in a nightclub but I crnt instead I sit people watching.

I should be able to get from a to b with ease but it's not nothing is easy, not even getting up or falling asleep.

You see people rheumatoid is NOT just arthritis it affects your whole life, mentally, physically 

If I had one wish .. It would be for people to see past the rheumatoid and see the person