Friday, 18 December 2015

Everton away 15/16 season

October came and it was another trip up to Liverpool, we were due to face Everton at goodison park!

Now I had a bit of a problem, my normal pals were unable to attend due to various reason plus some had tickets too, how did that happen, tickets and busy .. This was a new experience! 

So after asking around friends of friends, my pal suggested I put it out there in the mufc group I'm in and luckily to my relief, a kind man called Ivan and his pals had room for me in the car, plus they were redditch reds, they run the branch, perfect!

So I waited on the morning of the game for them to arrive, my brother and dad to just to be safe haha! They came and before I knew it I was in the van front seat and on my way to pick the other two men up!

So here I am in a van with 4 lads I didn't know on my way to Liverpool, well it was actually really fun, we had a chat, I had a listen to there conversations, typical Vicky! Turns out one of the lads dad has rheumatoid to, so he understood to an extent!

They managed to get me out the van safely and we were off to the ground! I was outside the ground while Ivan went to see pals at the away end entrance, and my friends Jon and Alex came to see if I was ok! As I'd told Jon to check on me lol!

In the ground we went, brief chat, Eric came to make sure I was alright and Peter texting to see I was alright! 

Before I knew it the game was over, we had won and I said "glad I didn't miss that" and laughing they said I came come again must be lucky!

The drive home was talkative about the game, the relief we had won! They dropped me home and said hello to the dog and dad arrived 20 mins later!

Thanks so much redditch reds Ivan and friends much appreciated.

Before I forget I played spot the ball again at Everton and those toilets are way to small!! 

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