Thursday, 24 December 2015

Manchester derby!

I was very lucky to have tickets for the derby match. Lydia had stayed so she could come with me! After a very unsettled night sleep, the bed was so uncomfortable. 

We met Andy at the hotel who had parked his car as he was taking me home, thank you!

We made or way to old Trafford, meeting friends on the way having a chat. We then waiting while Lydia got her program, I don't buy them any more! I met Andys friend, had a little chat! Then saw my pal Gordan for another chat! It was so good to be at old Trafford and seeing my pals, chatting away!

We went down to the entrance and the dog had a sniff of my wheelchair, all clear we were off In! We sat in the ability suit for a while, I chatted with Ann Marie briefly.

Then we were off to our seat! The game ended as a draw, it was an entertaining Derby!

The journey home well took is an hour to drop odd Lydia at Piccadilly, thanks for a great weekend !

Then we got stuck in more traffic so Andy decided to go the back roads, before I knew it we was on our way and I was home! Was great to have cuddles with Ben the dog!

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