Thursday, 17 December 2015

Portugal 2015

At end end of September, I was off to Portugal with my cousin and her mate, finally some sun, it felt a long time since I'd had any sun! The day before me and my brother had been into redditch to get some of my last min bits, I managed to get a lovely skirt and some spray bottles. We were only taking hand luggage and I'd brough my sun lotion so thought I'd transfer it to 100ml bottles! My brother helped me pack and so the bottle swap! I didn't sleep well that night because I knew I was going to be traveling early and I was worried I'd sleep through my alarm, so I decided to go have a few hours early evening then stay away til 1-2am .. Who's bright idea was that lol!! 

2am arrived and a tired eyed Carolyn and ang arrived, time for me to get ready to leave which didn't take long. Then just as we pulled off I remembered I'd forgotten my sunglasses so we went back for them!! Then journey to East Midlands wasn't to bad apart from one wrong turn which I did say about lol!! Oh and going on holiday with Carolyn will always cheer u up at security ... 2/3 bags of lotions and such even the security guy got fed up of trying to limit the bottles lol

The flight was interesting as we were getting ready to take off Carolyn needed the loo so she had to hold it in for a while lol!! Made me chuckle! We had arrived in Portugal and thought it was cold! We'd pre arranged a transfer which was there up on arrival and before we knew it we was off to our hotel yay! 

The hotel was little apartments, so we had a bedroom, bathroom, a living room with sofa to etc and a single bed and then a kitchen! Then the large balcony!

We had a really good holiday lots of drink and Food, lots of laughter too. Some of my highlights were, Carolyn and ange playing water polo ... Hilarious, the beach .. Carolyn doesn't like water but went down to the sea to get her feet wet well the current was strong and she ended up on her ass LOL and lost her glasses, luckily I got it all on film haha!! Finally the karaoke now it was about to finish and I pushed myself down the front quickest Ull see me move ... How I laughed neither can sing but it really cheered me up no need!! 

One negative was, we went for a night out on the strip lol we were all drinking happily, then I needed the toilet! Let me tell you Portugal isn't good for wheelchair toilets! I did get in the loo eventually it just took, seven women to get me in lol! I can laugh now, I wasn't at the time though! 

Really was a superb holiday, bar getting flu! Great to meet new people, the couple from Manchester we had a great chat, the lads from France, whom I was glad to hear were OK from the French terrorist attacks and the lads from the Netherlands! 

Thanks for a great weekend, where shall we go in 2016!!

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