Thursday, 24 December 2015

MUDSA annual dinner 2015

It was the day I'd been waiting for, the MUDSA annual dinner, time to dress up, see friends away from the terraces! 

The day started badly have u ever tried to get into a Kia Sportage with only one leg?! Well with a struggle we got in, my first thought was I've got to get out as well!! But we was finally on our to Manchester me and Carolyn that is!!

We eventually arrived in Manchester yay! Then we drove around the block a few times trying to find the car park for hotel football! We eventually found it, YES! But oh no we have to get out now! With a fling into my cousins arms I was out, not in an elegant way either!! We dropped off our bags and headed to Piccadilly to meet up with Lydia, yay!

We wanted food and decided we'd just go back to the hotel, after much debate and a couple of beers we decided and then Carolyn got the wrong order LOL 

We got told our rooms were ready yippie! We had a view of old Trafford my favourite place, I decided to have a nap as it was going to be a long night! So Carolyn and Lydia went for a drink while I napped! I'm so rock and roll!!

Before I knew it they were back and it was time to get ready, I was really upset to find out the hairdresser wasn't arriving, had a few tears, I just wanted to feel good! Then my friend said he wasn't coming either, he'd missed his flight, so that was disappointing. We eventually all got ready, lucky for me Lydia let Carolyn use her bathroom, she needs time and space with her lotions and potions! 

I arranged to meet everyone downstairs in the bar. So off we went down stairs and slowly my pals arrived and I saw Zoe and Richard so that as nice! Then another friend pulled out, he had an emergency, I was feeling disappointed but got to keep going!

Next stop the annual dinner! We had such a good laugh, some got drunk, we ate, laughed and was a little rowdy! We had a q&a fro, Byron Robson and I got my photo taken with Quinton fortune, unfortunately missed out on robbo and sir Alex. On a plus my mate won the signed shirt, yay!!

My friends Jon and his brother Nigel and there dad came to say hello, Ann Marie also came over and said hello and I finally meet Ashleigh!

After we all decided Togo out in Manchester well Andy took some persuading! So two cabs and we were off to Lola's haha! We danced laughed, got more drunk! I think we got in between 2-3am!!

I tell you one thing the beds at hotel football are extremely comfy! 

Thanks to those that came and for the laughter and great memory! Until next year!!


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