Tuesday, 31 December 2013


My last blog of 2013 is all about my hopes for 2014 as the clock ticks down, we have 3 and a half hours left of this year and i have mt tunes blasting and ill see 2013 out with what it needs a good kick up the backside!

Im sat here with hip pain thats rheumatoid for you ruins the party!

Anyway 2014 my hopes ...

  • My rheumatoid is better under control
  • my heart MOT goes well im february (it is 2 days before my birthday!!!)
  • That my health in general stablises
  • that the move goes to plan and i get a new start in a new city!!
  • My book to be published

Wishing all my friends and family the BEST new year i hope 2014 is everything you want it to be and your hopes and dreams come true.

So until 2014 this is one blog writting wishing you all the best .. enjoy your night, wish i was partying in the best place i know Scotland new year!!!

lots of love xxx

Sunday, 29 December 2013


As promised my blog about hearing!!

As a child starting school no one knew I couldn't hear probably until one day I told my mum my friend was called "Nora" Infact her name was "Laura" some alarm bells were set off!!

So off I went back to the children's hospital in Birmingham to see an audiologist and they found out I couldn't hear probably! Now I don't remember anything else apart from seeing audiologist being offered an operation and refusing.

I spent years with hearing aids at school but I was bullied for them, accused if having a radio in class because I wore a bone conducting  hearing aid which vibrates the sound into the ear. So I stopped wearing my aids and depended on wearing them and relied on lip reading and smiling like a mad thing and nodding if I didn't hear anything!!

Fast forward to now age 28. I visited France in the summer of 2013 and I couldn't really understand the French they spoke so softly plus with people behind me all the time hearing was a nightmare!! So I decided to go back to the doctors and get a check, I had my ears de-waxed still a problem so off I went to the audiologist and ENT consultant!

I met a lovely audiologist who did my hearing tests and said ull need to see a consultant. Now he was a really nice guy and asked me if I knew the problem I looked at him blankly! He told me that basically the bones in my inner ear hadn't grown probably which meant sounds didn't get into my ear correctly. I was told I had a choice carry on as I was, (how would I ever learn French!!) or go for a hearing aid. I decided I'd try a hearing aid!!

Fast forward a few more months and I met a senior audiologist who explained my results and basically my bones and nerves in my right side are not working and Im basically deaf in that ear. Then we find out my elf ear has also got nerve damage too he see why I actually am quite deaf!!!

So I've been fitted with a standard hearing aid to see how it goes if it doesn't work then we will upgrade to bone conducting aid or try aids in both ears. So we will see in 6 months.

So far my new aid is a bit of a pain as I have small ears it doesn't fit well behind my ear. But it is fantastic I can turn my Tv down lol I can hear people speaking which is a new thing!!  In the new year I intend on restarting my French classes as hopefully with the new aid I'll be able to hear the pronunciation better!!


My blog

So I was sat here last night looking at the stats of my blog and it made me want to say THANK YOU, for my regular readers and the support over the years.

I started this blog when I was an able bodied young women who'd lost her mum and been diagnosed with rheumatoid. Along the way we have talked about rheumatoid grief heart and others. I've yet to do a blog about my hearing I'll do it later today. I never dreamt that I'd end up in a wheelchair and you've seen how it upset me but I picked myself up and have tried to live my life.

So as I speak I'm 309 people away from 10,000 readers amazing thank you. I hope my blog has helped others.

I've reached people world wide which has been amazing.

I hope you carry on reading about my journey in 2014 It could be a tough year.

I'm going to ask a personal favour if you can please share my blog lets reach more people and I'd love to reach 10k before we hit 1/1/14



Tuesday, 24 December 2013

They say ...

In 2008 as all my regular readers will know as well as family and friends I lost my beautiful mum. It's Christmas Eve 2013 and my sixth without mum, they told me it would get easier they promised.

Yet now 2013 December 24th I sit here crying because I miss her so much, it should be a happy time with family. Yet it's not the same.

On the 1/12 we still put out Christmas trees up because that's what my would do. My dad and brother still puts the decorations up the same way she did and the ornaments she brought are I'm the living room, it looks like Christmas but it feels like a sad day.

Now Christmas use to be a mad day. We would get up, normally mum first! We would open our gifts, go and get my nan while dad would be doing the sprouts! We would all sit down round the table at mid-day as a family laughing joking smiling too. Then we would have to wash up and put everything away well actually my dad did!! Then mum would change the table cloth get the paper plates out the spirits the beers and lemonade! Me and my mum would be doing the evening food, cheese and pineapple on a stick, sausage rolls etc. Then my aunty uncle and cousins would arrive with more gifts. We would all sit I'm a circle and me and Carolyn would hand out the gifts them we'd open it nd eat and drink. A true family Christmas.

Fast forward to Christmas 2013. Tomorrow I'll go to dads around 10ish we will open gifts then eat out lunch me dad and Pete. Dad be in the kitchen peter and I in the living room not round the table though (some because of my rheumatoid). Then we will have a chat then ill head home and spend Xmas night alone.

My mum loved Christmas she was Christmas to me and I shall cry many tears over the festive period but I know she would want me to be happy and one day I will be when the pain gets easier.

I miss my mum and the Christmas sprit so very much.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas I hope Santa brings you everything you could wish for.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Manchester .. my hopes!

I know ive annouced about me moving and explained why, but i thought id do a little post about my hopes for Manchester.

My hopes for Manchester is to get part of vicky back i want to have some more fun, after all its been a bit of a tough few years!

Why Manchester i hear you ask? lol Many people move for partners, for friends, for family. Manchester for me is a city which ive loved for a long time and hold close to my heart, i did spend the best part of my young life going up and down the rail network from birmingham to manchester! I also lived there for a time in a place called Chorlton! I know Manchester has a lot to offer me its a friendly place, those northerners are a lovely lot, they actually hold doors open for you!!!

Well number one its were my club is!!! Manchester United and i fully intend to be sat at Old Trafford for a lot more games as a manchester resident haha. Watching football is part of me it makes me smile, it also pisses me off when they play badly haha! 

Two .. LIVE MUSIC!! Ok if you know me or follow my blog you will know how much i love live music and can often be found at the phone4u arena in Manchester LOL! I want to be able to attend more gigs and at different locations different types of bands and i know how manchester holds a lot of music in itd heart and theres always some gig on in town!!

Three .. Nights out!! Yes i want togo back out, pubs clubs at a push haha! 

Four .. Sports!! I want to be able to get back swimming, fencing and more and they have all the clubs and facilicites to enable me todo so in this magnificent city!!

Five .. SHOPPING!!! It usw to be a hobby haha but living in a small town and lets face it you have to drive at least 30 mins to get to a shopping centre! I can not wait to have Trafford Centre, Armdale and the city centre on my doorstep haha Manchester going me like whaaaaaa!! haha

Six .. disabled groups, from rheumatoid to hearing to even wheelchair groups meeting like minded people of the same disablities fancing simlar challenges.

seven .. social life .. it will be great to be able togo into town easily and meet up with my new friends :)

eight .. ACCESSABILITY .. shops i can get into lol .. taxis i can use lol a tram network i can access .. a high street thats not dangerous (if u live in my home town u will understand the tripping hazard!!)

Nine .. FOOD finally start going out agauin for food in new places and i have quite a list iof places i want to try excited much!!

So yes there you go ...

So raise a glass to Manchester with me and to bringing me back from the hardest and most challenging 5 years of my life.

Much love xxx

My Thanks

What can i say this year has been memorable but if it wasnt for many people  it wouldnt have been possible so heres some thanks for 2013.

To my medical team THANK YOU for everything you have done for me this year you have done great things. You have conforted me in the tough times encouraged me and kicked my ass (not literally) when needed it. Youve been there to offer support and advise, without you i wouldnt have done things i have done you give me confidence and remind me of pre-ra days and how i was a gobby 18 year old refusing to listen and wanting a second opinion! Heres to another good year!

Happy christmas and heres to a good 2014 xx

My family for your continued love and support and careing about me i am blessed to have such an amazing family. LOL and the fact you wasnt concerned when im stuck in Manchester just goes to show you still believe in my ability to sort my self out, love you guys xxx

A huge THANK YOU to Jo who comes in twice a week and helps me out and listens to me go on and on and is ready with advise and some true words when needed! You have really helped me with my eating worries, my confidence and to let me off load helps me clear my head. I hope you have a lovely first christmas in Bromsgrove and a happy 2014 xx

Many of my adventures this year wouldnt have happened without my lovely cousin carolyn, thanks for all the fantastic memories in 2013. Its been such fun spending time with you, matt and the girls. You have also helped me with my medication all year which enabled me get better sleep, the reiki weekly has helped me sleep and reduced my pain. Thanks for all the laughs and fun we have had my highlight was Disney by far, it was magical. Thanks to matt for pushing me all round. I hope we get many more memories in 2014 love you just like a sister xxx

Thanks to all the airport staff who helped me on and off the planes this year even the French at Nice thanks for not dropping me!!! Also the staff at the train stations for helping me on and off the trains! None of my adventures would have been possible without you guys xx

Now we come to my friends!!

Jo, what can i say, we have known each other a while now but this year we have become closer. Thank you for everything the chats and the phone calls (you know what i mean). Thank you for having me in France and introducing me to your lovely friends and taking me to some amazing places, and for all the laughs in France (toilets, esculators are my highlights for laughs). Oh and introducing me to some hot men .. beach boys wit woo! Getting me carried up and down the stairs by a certain fit irish guy LOL .. genious the French no lifts = hot boys .. hehe! But mostly thank you for the kick up the ass, you gave me confidence in my food i ate well in France i didnt know id enjoy breakfast as much as i did, the new cheese experience i love it!! For the long chats about stuff, for the physio advise and kicking me in the direction of getting my hearing aid fixed (i think learning french will be a lot easier now!!). So a massive THANK YOU and hugs and loves sending your way and i hope we can have some more fun in 2014 :) xxx

Mary what can i say again a huge thanks for all your love and support this year and your wise words are always good, i feel like i have known you for years, i hope i get to visit you in the future. Wishing you a happy 2014 xxx

Amber, we actually spoke this year and i was well chuffed you could understand me haha!! Thank you for always being there for me and kicking ra's butt with me! Here's to more phone calls in 2014 xxxx

Sam, my longest friend of 10 years! Its been a pleasure. Youve always been by my side, the latter of 2013 we have got really close again and its been fantastic to reconnect. Thanks for always being there for me when i need you, here's to more exciting times in 2014 ... lets do this!!! xxx

Hazel, i just wanted to thank you for being a good friend and understanding my heart worries and making me laugh!! We watched children i  need together via facebook was hillarious both crying with laughter!!! Thanks for making me laugh and your PICTURES are fantastic xxx

Katy, we dont see each other all that often but i know if i need you your at the other end of the phone and i always have some random fact to make you giggle! Thanks for being a great friend and here's to 2014, lets have some fun!!! xxx

Denia, I know you are probably thinking eh what! But before i came to France i wouldnt eat out, or with people i didnt know because of my anxities around food and rheumatoid (thought people was watching me haha)! I just wanted to thank you treating me normally around food it gave me the confidence to eat with people again haha!! It was lovely to met you and glad we are still connected hope to see you in 2014 .. lets have an adventure with Jo xxx

Mark, what can i say? thanks for everything the advise the long chats, the care youve shown, we have had some good luaghs this year and cried at times. Im so glad i could make your dream come true by going to Old Trafford it made my heart smile knowing you was living you dream. I really appreciated everything you have done for me this year. Heres to 2014 and lots more fun and laughter and hopefully more trips to Old Trafford!! xxx

Mike, thank you for all the support and love this year and the advise and generally just being a good friend, heres to 2014, southampton in Europe right? xxxx

Duncan i can not, not mention you, for the advise, the laughs and the tears, we got through and i hope 2014 is a good year for us both and i promise no pushing in hot weather haha xxxx

Shaun, Thanks for everything in 2013 we have had some laughs and some tears. I hope 2014 is a good year for you.

To everyone else that has been there this year THANK YOU and im going to name a few, thanks for the love, support and laughs xx

claire, eric,  muds, ste, chris, grant, ian, amanda, cyndy, lindsay, joy, sian, carene, sarah, barbara, jamie, gill, jackie, kat,victoria, shaun.

I am sure ive forgotten loads of you people so to those i have i apologise and say THANK YOU again xx

So as you can see theres been a lot of people to thank this year and im sure theres more i have forgotten uve all made 2013 a good year and helped me in different ways, im greatful to have each and everyone of you in my life xxx

I should say a special thanks to my friends on twitter you guys are a breath of fresh air and really cheer me up and take me for who i am football and all, love you guys xxx

Friday, 20 December 2013

My health review in 2013

Well its been a bit of a journey this year so heres goes!!

Heart - well overall my team have been happy with my heart when i saw them and ive been encouraged to drink on holidays for the calories of course! There wasnt any issues when i saw them and they seemed happy with me. I havnt had any issues with my heart with all the flying this year. The only concern ive had was with my ankles during the hot summer the UK had but i think in general it affected everyone so my team wasnt particularly worried which was a relief. When ive seen my GPs this year my sats have always been high and heart rate about the same, just above 100bpm. I look forward to seeing my heart team in February 2014 :)

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Well what a year. I have had quite a few flare ups this year that have been awful. But i learnt that warmer countries definatly help my arthritis which is why i enjoy holidays for the heat! I discussed with all my teams in great depeth and decided after much consideration that id give methrotrexate another go. to be honest its been tough! Sickness feeling of being hungover every week without the fun of drinking hasnt been the best i have to be honest. Unfortunaly my good knee has got worse and at times i really stuggle so i dont know what 2014 will hold in that respect. I had some physio when i returned from France and i was deverstated to hear that they think i shall never walk again and at 28 this was truely deverstating and broke my heart into small pieces but i will fight on with a smile on my face.

Hearing - My hearing has got worse this year and now i need a hearing aid which has been a big step for me but with my new aid (24 hours old lol) its weird being able to hear things id forgotten about or never heard like the tapping noise on the tablet/mobile!!!

Eating - Its been tough i have been at my lowest weight of 5 stone and nearly admited to hospital for treatment to being a stable 5 stone and 7lbs at my last weight in (3 weeks ago!). Im making good progress i eat every day now and ive reintroduced food that i havnt eaten since my mum died so thats real progress

Depression - Its been a tough year with depression but with the help and support from my doctors i am fighting back to my best and in time i shall be back to happy smiley vicky again.

lots of love

v xxx

2013 review!!

Personal Year review!!

This year has been a really crazy year, with many highs and lows im only going to concentrate on the highs, going to discuss what ive been up to this year. I will do a big thank you and health review too so keep your eyes peeled!

January came and went quite quietly being winter im still hibernating. However i did go and meet my rheumatoid friends at the Worcester NRAS meeting, its always lovely to catch up with them. We had a lovely meal and a chat and i met Becky too so it was lovely.

February is my birthday month and i had a meal with my brother and saw some of my family. A very quite and peaceful month.

March the weather starts to improve! One cold Friday in March myself my cousin and her children went to Cadbury world, we had fun and ate lots of chocolate, the youngest wasn’t keen on the darkness! But overall i really enjoyed spending time with the girls and my cousin of course and ended with us all having McDonalds for lunch! Later in March me and my cousin went off to see Olly Murs in Manchester we had a fantastic time, using the spa facilities in the Lowry, although getting stuck in a room and needing toilet wasn’t the best at the time however its quite funny now!! Lovely food, even if we were fascinated with the table from room service LOL! Olly as always put on an amazing show on and we had a great evening, then we propped up the bar for a few hours!

April was lovely i got to spend some time with my brother we went to London for a few days sightseeing, food and madam tusauds. It was so lovely to spend time with my brother as we don’t get to much these days. Then i got to spend time with my favourite two little people and my cousin. We went to see Justin and Friends at the LG arena it was fantastic and the girls loved it, highlight was singing all the way home!

May came with excitement and wonder i was going on my first sun holiday of the year!!! I went to fuerterventura it was a fantastic week with warm weather, laughs and enjoyment. I was glad to be home and see Ben thought i had missed my little dog!!
We then entered June what an exciting month that was! First i was absolutely bricking it because i had to face my fear of flying! I did it and the reward was seeing my lovely friend Joanna and having such a fantastic time in France and meeting her lovely friends and experiencing new things, a new type of cheese was so good i brought some home with me! As well as this the French scared me lol because i had to be carried down the steps of the aeroplane! Ill never forget such a fantastic week, thank you so much for having me Joanna. Then i came home to a fantastic concert by Robbie Williams supported by Olly Murs, i had such a lovely time. Made even better by meeting up with an old school friend and having a good catch up.

July was another quite month. I did go down to Somerset to visit a friend and we went to see Bristol City FC play a friendly match against Rangers! I went and got my photography with the mascot and watched the game in boiling hot weather!

August was upon us and i was really excited to be going on holiday with Carolyn matt and the girls as we were off to Eurodisney! After a 3am start on the Friday we eventually reached our hotel which was lovely. We had the most magical time in Disney and the girls loved meeting the princesses and the rides were fab, although i was thankful not to have to go on the teacups! It was lovely and hot and i did some sunbathing! This month also brought me back to Old Trafford for Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial with my friend and it was fantastic to be back at Old Trafford.

September i literally just chilled out after a busy summer i needed some time to relax and chill out and give the rheumatoid some time!
October id planned on having a quite month but Manchester United rang me one Monday evening offering tickets for the next day so i packed a bag ordered train tickets and off me and my brother went to Manchester. We love a good football match and enjoyed the Bayer game plus i got to spend time with my brother.
November was here and i got to spend time with my two favourite little people (my cousins children) along with my aunty and cousin, we went off to Birmingham for Disney On Ice. We all had such fun seeing the characters as they spun around the ice. At the end of November me and my brother flew off to Lanzarote for a quick top up of vitamin D. We had a lovely time with sun sea and sand and chilled out and it did my joints the world of good! I’d never been to Lanzarote before so it was nice to have a little explore, even if we did forget the postcards in the fridge!

December then arrived and as im sure like everyone else it does get a bit manic. I went up to Manchester to the football Everton and Newcastle games and met my friend Mark and had a great time at the football. Only issue was the UK decided to have a bad storm which resulted in all trains back to Birmingham and various other places being suspended result being we got stuck in Manchester. Then home for a few days then back to Manchester for the much anticipated JLS concert (we waited a whole year for). We had the most fantastic time staying in our favourite hotel, great food, and fantastic company oh and lots of drink!

So as you can see i have had a busy year and havnt let rheumatoid beat me too much, although at times it got tough i didn’t want to stop having fun and allowing myself to enjoy life to the full.

I am looking forward to 2014

Monday, 16 December 2013


Yeah i know i GO on and on about friends in my blog but they are so important to me and help me more than they know so heres a whistle top tour of my gooduns!!

Now i'll let you into a secreat life for me would be ALOT harder with my friends and alot more boring because they are just AWESOME! They really are a special bunch of guys and girls!

Now it may be just facebook messenging me, tweeting, whatsapping funny pictures and imessenger or a good old fashioned text/phone call but they all make me laugh when i need it, they listen to my moans and my cries of pain and frustrations and they still come back for me!!

Some ive met in real life, some are virtual friends but they are all fantastic ... i mean they put up with me after all!!! There very own special crazy brummie friend!! hehe

Now my friends have done a lot this year from driving to pick me up for a 4 hour round trip, to pushing me to old trafford and the armdale (shopping ekkk) to driving me to beautiful scenes in France, to getting me drunk, to supporting me with my food and watching me eat food and feeling as happy as me! To pushing me on the beach to getting me in the sea, to esculators and toilet stories lol, treakimg round london with a wheelchair that tube is a nightmare! Oh and the walk around the block in 28c british weather!!!

You are all fantastic and i love you all new and old friends its been quite a year so here's to 2014 many more adventures!

Sam, sarah, katy, joanna, claire, hazel, mark, duncan, eric, mike, ian, peter, joy, cydny, amber, mary, fiona, james, hazel (same name diff person), kaz, matt, shaun, kat, muds, joanna, shaun, meina, george, jackie, gill, chris, denia, Kat, bex, carene, laura, liam, victoria, amadanda, ben, peter, Grant and many many more 

I love you lot loads .. uve got me through a tough year xxxx

New Blog, New Year!


So after much thought i have decided to start a brand new blog in 2014 which will all be able accessiblity for disabled people at various places i visit as well as my own town!

Why? because i believe that having a place were you can gain information from a disabled person will be vital and i dont just mean my home town i mean anywere i visit including when i go abroad!

I hope to give information from a personal view point bit if you have a disablity and would like to get involved then please do get in touch with me :)

Its hard being in a wheelchair at times we have to plan every little detail of our trips, even down to what shops we can actually get into, to simple things like using a toilet and parking so i really hope this new blog will help you all.

But dont panic this blog will still be going as its my personal story and my adventures in a more personal way so keep on reading im not going anywere.

As a side note id just like to say i shall be doing my normal end of year posts in the coming week

much love xxx

My year in pictures!

So i decided this year id do a post in pictures for a change!!

Manchester dressed up!!!

Me and my cousin enjoying a night in Manchester

bristol city friendly match

mickey and minnie 

cuddles with mickey disney august 2013

me and my cousin enjoying the sun!!

its buzz and vicky and carolyn!!

wacky moment!!!

on a plane!!

sunbathing in France june 2013

beautiful scenary

the famous red steps "tourist picture!!!"

expensive shop display in central Cannes

Monnacco baby with jo 

shopping centre inside!!!

music festival Nice

Live music

beautiful clock

Beautiful scene

Breakfast in Cannes :)

Beach boys!!!

Drinks with new friends

A very nice young man!!!

me and jo @ ma nolans Cannes


France 2013

some of the band!!

handicap beach Cannes

Love this picture

Food and drink out!

Silly vicky!!

Fuerteventura landing



Barcelona shirt didnt this cause a stir lol

AI bands


on the beach

beautiful sea

me on another plane!!

AI bands

chilling in the sun


food and wine!!

sun .. sea .. sand 

London town!

room service

where are we lol

we love olly!!

rio's match with shaun

Wembley stadium robbie!!!

robbie bands!!

im ready!!

lets go wembley

night wembley

european night in manchester!

oh its robin van persie!!

me and mark at football in december

So here you see some of my pics from 2013 i doubt it covers everything xxx