Monday, 16 December 2013

New Blog, New Year!


So after much thought i have decided to start a brand new blog in 2014 which will all be able accessiblity for disabled people at various places i visit as well as my own town!

Why? because i believe that having a place were you can gain information from a disabled person will be vital and i dont just mean my home town i mean anywere i visit including when i go abroad!

I hope to give information from a personal view point bit if you have a disablity and would like to get involved then please do get in touch with me :)

Its hard being in a wheelchair at times we have to plan every little detail of our trips, even down to what shops we can actually get into, to simple things like using a toilet and parking so i really hope this new blog will help you all.

But dont panic this blog will still be going as its my personal story and my adventures in a more personal way so keep on reading im not going anywere.

As a side note id just like to say i shall be doing my normal end of year posts in the coming week

much love xxx

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