Saturday, 21 December 2013

Manchester .. my hopes!

I know ive annouced about me moving and explained why, but i thought id do a little post about my hopes for Manchester.

My hopes for Manchester is to get part of vicky back i want to have some more fun, after all its been a bit of a tough few years!

Why Manchester i hear you ask? lol Many people move for partners, for friends, for family. Manchester for me is a city which ive loved for a long time and hold close to my heart, i did spend the best part of my young life going up and down the rail network from birmingham to manchester! I also lived there for a time in a place called Chorlton! I know Manchester has a lot to offer me its a friendly place, those northerners are a lovely lot, they actually hold doors open for you!!!

Well number one its were my club is!!! Manchester United and i fully intend to be sat at Old Trafford for a lot more games as a manchester resident haha. Watching football is part of me it makes me smile, it also pisses me off when they play badly haha! 

Two .. LIVE MUSIC!! Ok if you know me or follow my blog you will know how much i love live music and can often be found at the phone4u arena in Manchester LOL! I want to be able to attend more gigs and at different locations different types of bands and i know how manchester holds a lot of music in itd heart and theres always some gig on in town!!

Three .. Nights out!! Yes i want togo back out, pubs clubs at a push haha! 

Four .. Sports!! I want to be able to get back swimming, fencing and more and they have all the clubs and facilicites to enable me todo so in this magnificent city!!

Five .. SHOPPING!!! It usw to be a hobby haha but living in a small town and lets face it you have to drive at least 30 mins to get to a shopping centre! I can not wait to have Trafford Centre, Armdale and the city centre on my doorstep haha Manchester going me like whaaaaaa!! haha

Six .. disabled groups, from rheumatoid to hearing to even wheelchair groups meeting like minded people of the same disablities fancing simlar challenges.

seven .. social life .. it will be great to be able togo into town easily and meet up with my new friends :)

eight .. ACCESSABILITY .. shops i can get into lol .. taxis i can use lol a tram network i can access .. a high street thats not dangerous (if u live in my home town u will understand the tripping hazard!!)

Nine .. FOOD finally start going out agauin for food in new places and i have quite a list iof places i want to try excited much!!

So yes there you go ...

So raise a glass to Manchester with me and to bringing me back from the hardest and most challenging 5 years of my life.

Much love xxx

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