Sunday, 29 December 2013

My blog

So I was sat here last night looking at the stats of my blog and it made me want to say THANK YOU, for my regular readers and the support over the years.

I started this blog when I was an able bodied young women who'd lost her mum and been diagnosed with rheumatoid. Along the way we have talked about rheumatoid grief heart and others. I've yet to do a blog about my hearing I'll do it later today. I never dreamt that I'd end up in a wheelchair and you've seen how it upset me but I picked myself up and have tried to live my life.

So as I speak I'm 309 people away from 10,000 readers amazing thank you. I hope my blog has helped others.

I've reached people world wide which has been amazing.

I hope you carry on reading about my journey in 2014 It could be a tough year.

I'm going to ask a personal favour if you can please share my blog lets reach more people and I'd love to reach 10k before we hit 1/1/14



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