Monday, 16 December 2013

My year in pictures!

So i decided this year id do a post in pictures for a change!!

Manchester dressed up!!!

Me and my cousin enjoying a night in Manchester

bristol city friendly match

mickey and minnie 

cuddles with mickey disney august 2013

me and my cousin enjoying the sun!!

its buzz and vicky and carolyn!!

wacky moment!!!

on a plane!!

sunbathing in France june 2013

beautiful scenary

the famous red steps "tourist picture!!!"

expensive shop display in central Cannes

Monnacco baby with jo 

shopping centre inside!!!

music festival Nice

Live music

beautiful clock

Beautiful scene

Breakfast in Cannes :)

Beach boys!!!

Drinks with new friends

A very nice young man!!!

me and jo @ ma nolans Cannes


France 2013

some of the band!!

handicap beach Cannes

Love this picture

Food and drink out!

Silly vicky!!

Fuerteventura landing



Barcelona shirt didnt this cause a stir lol

AI bands


on the beach

beautiful sea

me on another plane!!

AI bands

chilling in the sun


food and wine!!

sun .. sea .. sand 

London town!

room service

where are we lol

we love olly!!

rio's match with shaun

Wembley stadium robbie!!!

robbie bands!!

im ready!!

lets go wembley

night wembley

european night in manchester!

oh its robin van persie!!

me and mark at football in december

So here you see some of my pics from 2013 i doubt it covers everything xxx

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