Sunday, 29 December 2013


As promised my blog about hearing!!

As a child starting school no one knew I couldn't hear probably until one day I told my mum my friend was called "Nora" Infact her name was "Laura" some alarm bells were set off!!

So off I went back to the children's hospital in Birmingham to see an audiologist and they found out I couldn't hear probably! Now I don't remember anything else apart from seeing audiologist being offered an operation and refusing.

I spent years with hearing aids at school but I was bullied for them, accused if having a radio in class because I wore a bone conducting  hearing aid which vibrates the sound into the ear. So I stopped wearing my aids and depended on wearing them and relied on lip reading and smiling like a mad thing and nodding if I didn't hear anything!!

Fast forward to now age 28. I visited France in the summer of 2013 and I couldn't really understand the French they spoke so softly plus with people behind me all the time hearing was a nightmare!! So I decided to go back to the doctors and get a check, I had my ears de-waxed still a problem so off I went to the audiologist and ENT consultant!

I met a lovely audiologist who did my hearing tests and said ull need to see a consultant. Now he was a really nice guy and asked me if I knew the problem I looked at him blankly! He told me that basically the bones in my inner ear hadn't grown probably which meant sounds didn't get into my ear correctly. I was told I had a choice carry on as I was, (how would I ever learn French!!) or go for a hearing aid. I decided I'd try a hearing aid!!

Fast forward a few more months and I met a senior audiologist who explained my results and basically my bones and nerves in my right side are not working and Im basically deaf in that ear. Then we find out my elf ear has also got nerve damage too he see why I actually am quite deaf!!!

So I've been fitted with a standard hearing aid to see how it goes if it doesn't work then we will upgrade to bone conducting aid or try aids in both ears. So we will see in 6 months.

So far my new aid is a bit of a pain as I have small ears it doesn't fit well behind my ear. But it is fantastic I can turn my Tv down lol I can hear people speaking which is a new thing!!  In the new year I intend on restarting my French classes as hopefully with the new aid I'll be able to hear the pronunciation better!!


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