Monday, 9 December 2013



So ive been thinking about this move for about 18 months, but kept talking myself out of it for many reason but the past few weeks ive been talking to family and my team and i decided that its the place i want to move to more than anything and its the right time for me to move! I am ready for Manchester not sure Manchester is ready for me!!!

I will of  course miss all my family very much but its only a 1hours 27 mins train journey from birmingham to Manchester so its not that far and they can also drive up too its not a million miles away and im sure ill be home for visits maybe not every sunday though!!

As for friends i have a number up in Manchester so i have a circle of friends that will be around im sure and if they dont live in manchester i have a few northern mates that aint too far from Manchester!

My medical team agree its something that i need to move forward after a bad 5 years. They want me to be happy!!

My reasons i have friends, shopping, a city enviroment (im a city girl at heart), my beloved football, a new start, accessabilty and social reasons too!

So heres to a big bye to BROMSGROVE and a big hello to MANCHESTER!!

Im gonna be an honary northerner!!!

Bromagrove youve given me so many memories good and bad but its time for me to fly the nest again and so somewere that makes my heart smile :)


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