Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Thanks

What can i say this year has been memorable but if it wasnt for many people  it wouldnt have been possible so heres some thanks for 2013.

To my medical team THANK YOU for everything you have done for me this year you have done great things. You have conforted me in the tough times encouraged me and kicked my ass (not literally) when needed it. Youve been there to offer support and advise, without you i wouldnt have done things i have done you give me confidence and remind me of pre-ra days and how i was a gobby 18 year old refusing to listen and wanting a second opinion! Heres to another good year!

Happy christmas and heres to a good 2014 xx

My family for your continued love and support and careing about me i am blessed to have such an amazing family. LOL and the fact you wasnt concerned when im stuck in Manchester just goes to show you still believe in my ability to sort my self out, love you guys xxx

A huge THANK YOU to Jo who comes in twice a week and helps me out and listens to me go on and on and is ready with advise and some true words when needed! You have really helped me with my eating worries, my confidence and to let me off load helps me clear my head. I hope you have a lovely first christmas in Bromsgrove and a happy 2014 xx

Many of my adventures this year wouldnt have happened without my lovely cousin carolyn, thanks for all the fantastic memories in 2013. Its been such fun spending time with you, matt and the girls. You have also helped me with my medication all year which enabled me get better sleep, the reiki weekly has helped me sleep and reduced my pain. Thanks for all the laughs and fun we have had my highlight was Disney by far, it was magical. Thanks to matt for pushing me all round. I hope we get many more memories in 2014 love you just like a sister xxx

Thanks to all the airport staff who helped me on and off the planes this year even the French at Nice thanks for not dropping me!!! Also the staff at the train stations for helping me on and off the trains! None of my adventures would have been possible without you guys xx

Now we come to my friends!!

Jo, what can i say, we have known each other a while now but this year we have become closer. Thank you for everything the chats and the phone calls (you know what i mean). Thank you for having me in France and introducing me to your lovely friends and taking me to some amazing places, and for all the laughs in France (toilets, esculators are my highlights for laughs). Oh and introducing me to some hot men .. beach boys wit woo! Getting me carried up and down the stairs by a certain fit irish guy LOL .. genious the French no lifts = hot boys .. hehe! But mostly thank you for the kick up the ass, you gave me confidence in my food i ate well in France i didnt know id enjoy breakfast as much as i did, the new cheese experience i love it!! For the long chats about stuff, for the physio advise and kicking me in the direction of getting my hearing aid fixed (i think learning french will be a lot easier now!!). So a massive THANK YOU and hugs and loves sending your way and i hope we can have some more fun in 2014 :) xxx

Mary what can i say again a huge thanks for all your love and support this year and your wise words are always good, i feel like i have known you for years, i hope i get to visit you in the future. Wishing you a happy 2014 xxx

Amber, we actually spoke this year and i was well chuffed you could understand me haha!! Thank you for always being there for me and kicking ra's butt with me! Here's to more phone calls in 2014 xxxx

Sam, my longest friend of 10 years! Its been a pleasure. Youve always been by my side, the latter of 2013 we have got really close again and its been fantastic to reconnect. Thanks for always being there for me when i need you, here's to more exciting times in 2014 ... lets do this!!! xxx

Hazel, i just wanted to thank you for being a good friend and understanding my heart worries and making me laugh!! We watched children i  need together via facebook was hillarious both crying with laughter!!! Thanks for making me laugh and your PICTURES are fantastic xxx

Katy, we dont see each other all that often but i know if i need you your at the other end of the phone and i always have some random fact to make you giggle! Thanks for being a great friend and here's to 2014, lets have some fun!!! xxx

Denia, I know you are probably thinking eh what! But before i came to France i wouldnt eat out, or with people i didnt know because of my anxities around food and rheumatoid (thought people was watching me haha)! I just wanted to thank you treating me normally around food it gave me the confidence to eat with people again haha!! It was lovely to met you and glad we are still connected hope to see you in 2014 .. lets have an adventure with Jo xxx

Mark, what can i say? thanks for everything the advise the long chats, the care youve shown, we have had some good luaghs this year and cried at times. Im so glad i could make your dream come true by going to Old Trafford it made my heart smile knowing you was living you dream. I really appreciated everything you have done for me this year. Heres to 2014 and lots more fun and laughter and hopefully more trips to Old Trafford!! xxx

Mike, thank you for all the support and love this year and the advise and generally just being a good friend, heres to 2014, southampton in Europe right? xxxx

Duncan i can not, not mention you, for the advise, the laughs and the tears, we got through and i hope 2014 is a good year for us both and i promise no pushing in hot weather haha xxxx

Shaun, Thanks for everything in 2013 we have had some laughs and some tears. I hope 2014 is a good year for you.

To everyone else that has been there this year THANK YOU and im going to name a few, thanks for the love, support and laughs xx

claire, eric,  muds, ste, chris, grant, ian, amanda, cyndy, lindsay, joy, sian, carene, sarah, barbara, jamie, gill, jackie, kat,victoria, shaun.

I am sure ive forgotten loads of you people so to those i have i apologise and say THANK YOU again xx

So as you can see theres been a lot of people to thank this year and im sure theres more i have forgotten uve all made 2013 a good year and helped me in different ways, im greatful to have each and everyone of you in my life xxx

I should say a special thanks to my friends on twitter you guys are a breath of fresh air and really cheer me up and take me for who i am football and all, love you guys xxx

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