Thursday, 31 December 2015

Manchester for Carolyn's birthday

The end of November arrived and my uncle was home from Canada and it was my cousins birthday, so I missed a game of football, I know how kind of me. Watford we will meet again!

So I packed and off we went up Manchester way. With a stop off to say hello to uncle Andy! Then getting stuck on the M6 .. Oh how long did that feel, probably longer than it actually was!!

We made it to the hotel to check in, we've stayed here a few times it's really nice. We were very surprised but happy to be given a penthouse! 

After taking pics and unpacking, we went off into Manchester to the Christmas markets and superdrug! Carolyn got the girls some lovely tree decorations with there names on and a bag each.

Then back to the hotel and get dressed time to go for birthday meal at rosso's! It was a nice meal but we got sad after hearing our nan was very ill in hospital and family rushing to the hospital, we debated going home but we decided nan would want us to stay and enjoy our evening.

So as we were leaving I asked if there was any glasses in the lost property for a friend, there wasn't but I did ask.

We decided it was chilly so we'd go in the first pub we came to, It was only a man city pub LOL easy to see with the mufc clock on wall and mostly city fans! I nearly got coveted in beer as glasses (plastic glasses) fell towards the bar lucky saved and I didn't get wet!

Then we went to a nice quiet pub and before long back to the hotel, to admire Manchester skyline, a quick chat with Peter on FaceTime then bed!

We got up early and went straight home as we was worried about nan and Carolyn had to get the girls ready for dance presentation. It was really hard for me my joints are not 6am kind of joints!

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