Thursday, 31 December 2015

Crystal palace away

So we reach the end of October and it was time to visit crystal palace!

I probably shouldn't have gone as pain was exceptionally bad that day and everyone seemed to want to pat my shoulder!!

I ended up getting a train to Watford and then being picked up and then car to palace, which seemed to take a long time, what's with traffic!

The game ended as a draw. But I got to see Peter and finally give him his cigs from Portugal, how he got them into the ground I'm not sure! I saw Gordon to! Also Eric who was a bit miffed with what was going on on the pitch and let's face it who wasn't! 

When I arrived at palace I had to collect my tickets that was at the ticket office, which was fine, but I couldn't speak to them as the window level is designed for standing people! Then they had a ramp one side but with drops to each window! Come on palace sort it out!!

I didn't know how to get in so just got the attention of someone who let me! Getting in was easy! The wheelchair area was great in some aspects but I mean why let others stand in the section, I don't care if they crnt see from seat, I crnt see because your stood in front of me!

The journey home was horrific. I was dropped at Watford in pain, on my own trains cancelled. Eventually got on a train, thankfully a virgin train, I always feel looked after on there trains. Arriving at Birmingham new street at first no one was there to get me off thankfully with passenger help we alerted someone and I got off, in tears but I was at least back in the Midlands. I then had to get a black cab, the man was useless I eventually made it home gripping onto my wheelchair all the way home.

After arriving home, I had a good cry and was ready for my next game.

Thanks to Lydia for trying to arrange a pre booked taxi even though they wouldn't let her because it was from a train station! 

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