Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Not just arthritis

I don't really know I want to start with this blog, so I thought I'd start by saying that, simply because it's often harder to say it than it is to hear it.

I've lived with rheumatoid now for 7 years and three months, it's been a really tough journey. I started off as a 23 year old with my life ahead of me. I started getting pains after my mum died and I was told it was likely to be grief but it turned out it was rheumatoid. 

Now fast forward to being 30 years old! I never thought my life would be where it is today, I recently said to one of my team "for the first time I feel like I have real friends and I'm to sick to enjoy that feeling!!" 

You see at 30 I should be able to do simple things like get my coat on but I crnt which is really annoying, I should be able to dance with pals in a nightclub but I crnt instead I sit people watching.

I should be able to get from a to b with ease but it's not nothing is easy, not even getting up or falling asleep.

You see people rheumatoid is NOT just arthritis it affects your whole life, mentally, physically 

If I had one wish .. It would be for people to see past the rheumatoid and see the person


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