Friday, 27 November 2015

Gary's mum

There are two certainties in life, death and taxes.

On the 10th of November, my dear old mum passed off this mortal coil. I suppose reaching 93 years of age is an achievement, although her mind was as sharp as a tack, her body let her down. Mum was healthy up until the age of 80, then things started going wrong health wise. Things that affect westerners, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, type 2 diabetics.

However, the big thing that really decimated her mobility and quality of life was Osteoporosis; first diagnosed at the age of 85 when she broke her hip, and had a hip replacement. Then at the age of 89, another hip fracture, this time of the Greater Trochanter

Following this fracture, Mum wasn't able to walk without the aid of a zimmerframe, in addition, if she needed to go anywhere, it would mean using a wheelchair, which was very heavy, in addition to "transferring" from the car to the wheelchair and back again, proved very difficult. 

This really does show how debilitating osteoporosis can be, like many forms of arthritis. Largely ignored by primary healthcare professionals, and unfortunately accepted as a "natural" part of growing old; although, there are a large number of [cheap] pharmaceutical available which can help reduce bone loss. 

With people living longer, are we really in a position to address the issue of osteoporosis which has such a detrimental effect to those live with the condition, more people will be affected with it with increased life expectancy?

Thanks to the staff of A&E and Ward 5, Princess of Wales Hospital; for making my mum's last few hours comfortable and pain free. In addition to providing her with a dignified passing

Vicky says 

Gary has become a friend and I was very sorry to hear of his mums passing, I offer my condolences 

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