Sunday, 1 November 2015

Manchester with the little kids!!

So when we went to Lego land at the start of the summer holidays, I told the girls I'd see them before they went back to school. So in the first week of September, I took my cousin and the girls to Manchester! Now as you probably know if your a regular reader, I'm a man united fan ... So what did I do ...

I took them on a tour of mufc! We went round the museum first, the oldest was loving the trophies! Then we went on the tour, youngest didn't like it for some reason, but the oldest loved it, I'm sure she's a red now! We had lunch in the red cafe and the oldest wrote Rooney on her menu! The food was nice!

We then checked in to the hotel. I had a little nap as I was tired!! The girls were happy music on dancing around the apartment!

We then went for some food down stairs! Chatting and the girls dancing! Was funny!! Day one done!

Woke up early the next day! Then off to legoland adventure centre at the Trafford centre, which was good for the kids, lunch at McDonald's! Then a little show of the Trafford centre! They even got to ride on a ride outside! They had a great time!

Back in the car and homeward bound! We got stuck in a traffic jam and ended up going through the lanes! That was an experience I tell you! 

Eventually home and lovely cuddles with pets!

Thanks for a great weekend girls, love you both lots and my lovely cousin of course xxx

Sorry no pics ... Protecting the girls 

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