Sunday, 18 October 2015

Swansea away

So unfortunately I've fallen behind on my blog as I haven't been feeling too well with the flu and on top of that I've been following my club Manchester United!

So as Uve  previously read I went to Brugge and a few days later I was back off on my travels! First I had a few days in Kent, although I basically slept those days away! I did go out on the Saturday and visited the front for a little walk to get my postcard and magnet. In the evening we went to see the fireworks! Well that was funny it was beautiful to see over the sea but as the last one left the air the rain came die, I got soaked!

Sunday morning came, I had to get up early ready for the trip across to Wales! Pack the car get ready and we were off back on the road! My joints were hurting and I wasn't feeling the traveling!

I started to need the toilet and we had to come off and I swear we went about 10 miles out of way, sorry! I used the toilet and was annoyed to find out I couldn't use the cash point or get any white chocolate! The new bridge was closed so we had to go over the old bridge!

The traffic going through Cardiff was an absolute nightmare in fact most of the trip in Wales was a traffic jam, or that's how it felt, when I was still quite tired! We eventually arrived at the Liberty and found some parking. Partly my fault because I'd forgotten to book parking with the journey to Brugge and the planning involved it just didn't come up in my head until Friday morning!!

Anyway after parking and walking well being pushed across to the liberty! This was my first trip to the liberty! We had to walk around the ground to the away end.

Upon arriving at the away end we were greeted by lovely stewards who pointed us in the direction of the disability steward. She took the tickets and scanned us in, we then went into the stadium she told us when to get th lift. We went straight up and another steward accompanied us then another met us at the top and showed us to our space and seat. Fantastic view, see below,

The lady from the entrance came up and said that at ht she would Come and get us drinks if we wanted anything. During the first half she came and said there wouldn't be any drinks as they were closing the bar! 

At half time, I used the toilet which was a good size not the best layout but not the worse I've seen in the premier league! 

The game wasn't the best as we lost. However I have to admit the ground was superb for disabled fans, one of the best in the premier league in my opinion.

The journey home was really long because my joints were really hurting and i just wanted to get in my own bed!

I got home and I was really happy to see my dad and the dog! It was a really great week and thanks to Andy for helping me and making it possible.


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