Sunday, 22 November 2015

Southampton away 15/16

What a pain, my second trip to st Mary's! Train works going on left me having to spending a weekend in Southampton!!

So I met Dan on Saturday, in redditch to get the train to Birmingham. Then off we went down Southampton! It was a long trip and people didn't make it easy for me! With seating and luggage and so forth!

Eventually arrived in Southampton, then had to put the sat nav on my mobile to get the hotel, poor Dan had to push me up a massive hill!! We made it to the hotel checked it, dropped stuff off, charged phone then off to show Dan Southampton by night! Was lovely to go down by the boats.

Staying at the jury's inn Southampton, the room was ok for the wheelchair but it took a lot to get into the toilet, not the biggest, although gave for some laughs! 

The next day, after about 45 minutes that's how long it takes these days to get a wheelchair taxi and we made it down the the grand hotel Southampton. They customer service was exceptional. The room was fantastic with views to the harbour.

We had lunch at the hotel as didn't fancy the walk into Southampton after all it was cold and time limited, plus we had to go to football! 

Lucky we managed to get a taxi to the ground, Dan had never been before so we took some pics outside, before finding the away end.

Now I've been to Southampton  before I also find the stewards really helpful and supportive and today as no exception. We found out seats and I chatted with some of my friends the  game began and it was a good!  

After the game we ended up walking back to the hotel and my legs were really hurting it wasn't the best, but we got there!

We had an early start on Monday and two trains. I was glad to see my dad and brother on Monday as I was really tired! Thanks for coming Dan great weekend down in Southampton :)

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