Saturday, 10 January 2015

Preparing for a trip!

So next month (February) I am planning a little trip across the Irish Sea to Dublin a place I have never been before and I have to admit I am very excited about visiting!!

Now being in a wheelchair every thing takes a bit of research and a lot of planning! It's not just as easy as jumping on a plane and hoping for the best!

First of all because I am traveling solo on this trip I needed to contact the airlines to find out if they allow for single wheelchair travelers, thankfully they do! So that's one point checked off, plan to get to the airport sorted will have to book my assistance a little closer who will aid me on and off the plane lol I don't much like flying but it'll be fine! 

Next stop because of traveling solo I needed to make sure I could hire an electric wheelchair while over in Dublin. Now I searched and couldn't find any useful information, so I asked my friend peters daughter heather as she lived in Dublin. She has been so helpful and has tracked down a firm who do this so now we just have to wait and hear back from them! 

Now I have researched hotels another important part of my research and came up with two that looked excellent and very accessible and I have chosen one as long as we can sort my electric wheelchair out! 

Now I've started research transport in Dublin so I can get about in the centre, although i may spend a day in the spa! (Well why not!!) 

Now the fun can start looking for places to visit and how accessible the bars are! You can not visit Dublin and not have a little drink!! 

I shall update you on my trip after my visit of course I'm sure I will have some pictures! 

Special thanks to Heather for all your help in researching on my behalf :)


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