Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My 20s .. It's been emotional

I remember the build up to my 20s I was so excited haha! My whole life in front of me so many plans so many things to look forward to!

Fast forward 10 years and 3 weeks before I hit the magic 30 it's the big one!

My 20s can only be described as shit .. Other than meeting some awesome people along the way.

I split from 2 long term partners in my 20s one of which I do regret I won't lie! And that was only the start! My 20s also saw my mum get really sick with mouth cancer. Loosing my mum at 23 was really tough I still miss her loads. My 20s also brough my rheumatoid arthritis ... It also brought the wheelchair! It also brought the end to my legal aspirations, with getting sick. My 20s also signifies for me the end of my chances of having children, but I'm cool with that my line stops with me! My 20s also bring on other health issues!

On a brighter note .. My 20s brought this blog and everyone seems to enjoy my ramblings across the world (thank you)! My fighting spirit for disabled football fans started in my 20s! I also visited, France (Cannes and Paris) and the cannaries in my 20s! I also flew on my own for the first time (on a plane of course!). My love of live music started in my 20s too!! 

Also I have met some wonderful people in my 20s from well a lot of places! If I started naming I'd probably forget people so I won't but you know who you are! I also commected with old friends in my 20s! 

So here's to the final 3 weeks as a 20 something!! 

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  1. You have led an amazing life so far Vicky and it will only be better in your thirties