Sunday, 1 February 2015

Taxis and me!

So today I'm traveling home and I have got to have a little grump (sorry) about black cabs. Firstly I'd like to say I've had some fantastic cab drivers in the past helpful, talkative and safety aware.

However this trip has not been great on that level. Firstly I wasn't secured in on my trip to the hotel and was basically jumping all over the place then left on a hill to help myself, thank god for physio or I'd have been in the sh*t

My second trip back to the train station. Firstly he moaned that my chair handles were loose and he didn't think he'd be able to get me into the taxi .. Well that's funny because no one else has ever had the problem you are talking about! Then he didn't strap me in so I was literally holding on to stop myself from going anywhere. Then on arrival at the train station he literally took my money and wheeled me on to the pavement. I ended up bursting Into tears and feeling very upset.

So taxi drivers please strap wheelchair users in and be at least polite and help to put them in a safe place.

On a plus a nice man from network rail came and saw I was upset and helped me up to the platforms and got me on an earlier train home (which is where I'm writing this from, I've just got In to Stockport!)

If it wasn't for football and seeing 2 friends Duncan and briefly andy I'd have wrote of this weekend completed.

Signing off a very upset and disheartened Worcestershire lass ... We all have our bad days Manchester! 

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